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Class Rank Percentiles

Individual class rankings for undergraduate students were last calculated for Spring 2021. Beginning with the Fall 2021 term class rank percentiles have been calculated by term and made available here. Class rank percentiles are derived by calculating the cumulative grade point average (GPA) of students and comparing them with students sharing the same class standing. The maximum cumulative grade point average is 4.000. Class is defined by those students sharing the same or approximate expected date of graduation. Class for each term is specifically identified beneath the class rank percentile chart for each term.

To find your class rank percentile follow the following steps:

  1. Identify your cumulative GPA in DKUHub.
  2. Determine your “class” as defined under the selected term chart.

Example using the chart below (Fall 2021): If you are a junior with a cumulative GPA of 3.918, you fall within the Top 10% class rank percentile.

The most recently calculated undergraduate class rank percentiles are listed below.

 Min. Cum. GPAMin. Cum. GPAMin. Cum. GPAMin. Cum. GPA
Top 5%3.933-4.0003.912-4.0003.934-4.0003.934-4.000
Top 10%3.900-4.0003.831-4.0003.907-4.0003.908-4.000
Top 15%3.856-4.0003.789-4.0003.874-4.0003.885-4.000
Top 25%3.722-4.0003.711-4.0003.820-4.0003.848-4.000
First-Year defined: Graduating in Spring 2025
Sophomore defined:  Graduating in Spring 2024
Junior defined:  Graduating in Spring 2023
Senior defined:  Graduating in Spring 2022