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Below you will find resources collected from different areas of this office as well as some important resources from the Registrar’s Office. We recognize that many of the dates, forms, or general information items related to progressing in your degree can come from different sources. Many of them will be linked to here but if discover anything which is missing that you feel could be added please feel free to reach out and let us know. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Academic Resources

Academic Calendar
See the Academic Calendar for the official semester schedule and registration deadlines.
Academic Success Coaching
Academic Success Coaching at DKU intends to help students succeed by helping to identify academic strengths and needs, providing the tools to properly balance academic life and everything else and developing effective study habits. One or series 1-on-1 meetings with professional staff are provided to assist students with academic and general skills.
Course Planning Sheet
This resource shows a history of course offerings at DKU in order to help you better estimate when to place classes on your 4-year plan.
For class of 2026 and beyond
For class of 2025 and before
DKU Bulletin
One of the most important documents you can use, if you haven’t already you should download a copy from the year that you entered. Remember, policies and major options may change from year to year and you can only follow those in your Bulletin so be careful to pick the right one when you’re looking something up.
DKU Definitions
A definitions page for most of terms used at DKU. If you aren’t sure what something is check here to learn more about it.
Click here to access the course schedule, your academic requirements, and the what if report.
Learning Resources
If you would like to improve your learning skills, you are welcome to click on the link to access helpful resources on topics including but not limit to Academic Stress Management, Motivation & Goal Setting, Online Learning, Powerful Mindset, Study Skill / Learning Preference / Note Taking, Time Management.
Major Coordinator List
This excel sheet lists majors, tracks, and the major coordinators’ names and email addresses. Major coordinators are an excellent resource for questions regarding course sequencing or their assigned major track prerequisites.
Major Exploration Resources
Here you can find information on how to select a major and which are available to you, as well as templates to create your 4-year plan.
Pre-professional Advising
Professional schools are meant to prepare students for careers in specific fields, such as health care or law, as opposed to graduate school programs which are typically housed in an academic department and whose students can pursue a range of career options after graduation. DKU has two pre-professional advisors who can help you learn about their respective programs:
Pre-Med Advisor: Dr. Mark Spaller
Pre-Law Advisor: Dr. Nathan Hauthaler
Student Forms
This page is where you can find forms for course withdrawals, course repeats, CR/NC grade mode changes, or leaves of absence, among other things.
Course Substitution Form
This form is located on the Advising Sakai Site. For current DKU students, in their senior year, facing academic circumstances that merit special consideration for completing graduation requirements through a course substitution. Requests for Duke-to-DKU course equivalencies should be emailed to the Office of Global Education at Requests for DKU-to-DKU course substitutions should be sent to the office of Undergraduate Advising at Both requests should CC the student’s advisor.
Tutoring Schedule
Click here to check the Drop-In tutoring schedule of the current Session. You can also make 1-on-1 appointment with the peer tutor by filling out the Tutoring Appointment Survey.

Other Academic and Campus Support Services