Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs supports the physical and psychological wellbeing of students while providing a global student centered co-curricular experience that encourages them to lead purposeful and productive lives.

We promote an inclusive and holistic community by challenging and supporting students with opportunities that foster self-awareness, cross cultural competence, and leadership skills while encouraging a sustained commitment to learning, integrity, and mutual respect.

The Office of Student Affairs will be recognized worldwide for facilitating a transformative and global college experience that focuses on student success.

Cultural Competence:

Cultural Competence is the ability to be self-aware and effectively interact with people across cultures and norms with an open mind towards diverse cultural practices and views.

Health and wellness

Holistic wellness is a state of physiological and psychological integrity; the ability to cope with stress and guided by personal values.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is the objective observation, information collection, and analysis of an issue to create an informed and well-rounded conclusion using effective communication and problem-solving abilities.


Leadership is a process of influencing and empowering others towards achieving a common goal. Anyone can practice leadership as it is a skill that both comes naturally and can be developed.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an obligation of individuals and organizations to cooperate for the benefit of society as a whole. Being socially responsible means that we are aware of how our decisions affect others and contribute to sustainable positive change.


Respect is a feeling of deference or admiration for others based on their actions, values, and abilities. Being respectful is treating others fairly, disagreeing with them honestly, exploring your thoughts openly, and helping each other achieve a common goal.