Clubs & Organizations


Student clubs and organizations are an exciting and important part of the Duke Kunshan University experience, not only to serve the diverse needs and interests of our students, connect everybody outside their classrooms, but also to provide leadership skills development and opportunities, as well as to empower students culturally, socially, and intellectually. DKU has over 50 active student clubs and organizations that are funded and supported by the Office of Student Affairs. All were started by and now are run completely by students abiding by the student clubs and University policies.

Becoming an official club/organization on campus is only one step away. Contact Campus Engagement as part of the Office of Student Affairs to find out more


Our mission is to build a meaningful, cross-cultural community while providing opportunities for students to explore and engage in unique experiences that foster personal, professional and leadership development. Students are encouraged to create and join student clubs and organizations.  

Club Categories and List

*Categories may evolve or change based on the needs and functions of clubs.* 

Arts and Performance clubs allow students interested in fine arts and performances to explore and demonstrate their talents in these areas.  

Cultural clubs provide a community of support for members of a specific cultural identity. These clubs are encouraged to educate other students about their culture’s values, beliefs, and traditions. Community Service clubs connect students to opportunities for service within the Kunshan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and/or greater China communities. They may focus on a particular social cause or broadly promote volunteerism. 

General Interest clubs aim to provide opportunities and platforms for students to explore diverse activities. This category fits clubs which are not easily described by other club categories. 

Professional and Academic clubs support students who are pursuing specific career and/or academic interests. Professional and Academic clubs may provide opportunities such as tutoring, engaging with issues central a particular field of study, providing career development opportunities, and more. 

Sports Clubs provide students the opportunity to be physically active and participate in their favorite sports. The Department of Athletics and the Office of Campus Engagement oversee and support these clubs with funding and other guidance jointly. For more details and information, please refer to the Sports Club Handbook within the Department of Athletics. 

Students may partake in a club or organization that produces a unique student-run publication.. To establish a student-run publication at DKU, please refer to the University’s Student-Run Publications Policy, which provides guidance and procedures through the Editorial Review Committee (ERC). Requests to establish clubs that produce audio and/or visual presentations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Depending on their purpose, they may also need to be recognized by the ERC and follow its guidance and procedures. 

Create a New Club

The initiation process can take place in Fall or Spring Semester. Every potential club has up to a full semester to complete the process. If a potential club cannot finish the process within the semester, the deadline will not be extended and the potential club will need to restart the process the following semester. Use this page as a guide and checklist as needed. 

Non-Duplication Policy 

New clubs that have duplication or overlap with current recognized clubs will be approved. New clubs must have a clear separation of focused areas, functions, and missions from current, active clubs to provide students with diverse and comprehensive club choices. 

Useful Resources 

Trainings and Workshops

All clubs offer leadership opportunities for students to become stronger leaders at DKU. To assist in club leadership development, the Office of Student Affairs requires officers and their advisors to complete trainings and workshops in which DKU club policies and regulations are explained. Individual, optional trainings are also available for development in soft skills.

Involvement Expo​

The Involvement Expo is a fun and comprehensive event that showcases student clubs and organizations with the purpose of recruitment and social, including hybrid tabling, mingling, and performance opportunities. This event will be hosted both in-person and virtually. As part of the club fair, all clubs will have the opportunity at the beginning of fall and spring semester to promote themselves, showcase their accomplishments, and recruit new members. This is a great way to kick off the semester and get involved with fellow classmates who shared similar interests and build long-life friendships.

Student Club Handbook

The student clubs and organizations handbook is the official guiding resource for all officially recognized and upcoming groups. This handbook has all required policies and procedures for groups to follow, including other resources to guide in their management of their student clubs. Please check out more about the handbook by clicking the image above.