First Year Experience



First-Year Experience is designed to support freshmen as they transition to DKU in their first year of college.


Through our well-designed co-curricular activities, we hope to:

Connect first-year students to campus resources and engagement opportunities outside of the classroom

Empower students to become intentional and active in achieving personal and professional goals

Prepare students with the knowledge and skills to live in a diverse community

Help students learn to balance life and study and explore ways to take care of themselves

Ultimately, FYE program helps students to strengthen a set of transferable skills (organizational, communication, interpersonal, etc.) which will benefit them across different areas of life in the future, including academic success, career development, interpersonal interaction, and personal growth.

Major Programs

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to explore DKU’s campus and get settled into nascent college life. We offer a variety of sessions to help students understand DKU’s policies and resources, on-campus engagement opportunities, and to connect students with faculty and staff from many support offices.

DKU 101

The purpose of DKU 101 is to extend DKU’s standard first-year orientation to an in-depth course in order to familiarize freshmen with the concepts, ideas, and principles necessary to be successful at DKU and in a liberal arts and sciences setting generally.

First Year Newsletter

The FYE monthly newsletter is designed to aid your transition to DKU. We share useful and relevant information and tips for first-year students and promote engagement opportunities. Check it out to stay informed!

Welcome Weeks

DKU welcomes students to campus with a ton of fun activities to kick off the new semesters during Welcome Weeks. We invite new students into our community and celebrate the return of students to DKU campus. Students have the opportunity to meet new friends and build excitement for a new semester at DKU. ​

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is a unique opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the daily life that their student enjoys all year at DKU! DKU welcomes families to visit and interact with our organization that have become so important to their student.

First Year Students Events

Office of Campus Engagement (OCE) provides a variety of new students centered events and activities to help students transit, integrate and build meaningful relationships, check Duke Kunshan Engage for further info.

Senior Year Experience

Coordinated through the Senior Year Experience Committee in partnership with student representatives, the Office of Student Affairs, Development and Alumni Relations office, UG Studies, Academic Advising, the Senior Year Experience program helps shape the final academic year before a student’s graduation. The program is designed to celebrate the achievement of becoming a senior and a DKU graduate, to prepare students for their careers and life outside of the university, and, to ensure the successful completion of university life. Additional opportunities encourage active engagement within the DKU and alumni communities.

Please find the upcoming events and activities for Seniors on Duke Kunshan Engage

DKU Senior year Video Series – Episode 1

Senior Week

Do you remember your first evening on campus as a first-year or when you attended the Halloween Party in Ballroom? Senior Week is a time when graduating seniors get together for a week of fun and camaraderie. You’ll be able to join DKU traditions as well as newly designed programs for seniors! While you catch up with friends and discuss what the future holds for you. Or sit back in the chairs and listen to the DJ spin your favorite music.

Career Fair

We bring a variety of industries and organizations, both large and small, to campus/online so that students can use the skills that Career Services offers in a tangible way to interact with recruiters and managers and secure internships as well as full-time jobs.

Mentorship Program

The DKU Student Career Development Mentorship Program was created with the express purpose of working with our students to enhance their career skills and advance their career planning efforts. Through this important program, our class of 2022 and 2023 students are given opportunities to connect with mentors to obtain precious life lessons and professional advice. The Mentorship Program invites all interested Duke University, Wuhan University, and Duke Kunshan University alumni and industrial professional supporters to assume career mentors. The program launched in April 2021. Once the initial matches are put in place, mentoring activities can begin immediately until graduation. Mentors are encouraged to interact with their students on three separate occasions (or more) per academic semester. Interactions may occur in person or remotely.

LEAP Academy

LEAP Academy is a series of workshops held by CAPS and Career Services to support senior year students in facing psychological and professional challenges throughout the year and post-graduation life in a post-COVID-19 world setting to help build a meaningful life in the future. Participants will receive a certification for completing all workshops. Workshop topics include wellness beyond DKU, work ethics, and professionalism, financial management, etc.

Lumina Spark Workshop

Lumina Spark is a popular professional development tool based on years of global research used by leading companies worldwide. In this 4-hour intensive workshop, licensed facilitator and CAPS counselor Fan Yang will help participants explore their personality strengths, provide insight on areas to grow, and explore and identify different communication styles.

Are you the Res Life Program Pro?

By selecting specific options in the survey, students will receive a report about the number of Res Life programs they have participated in and their most enjoyed categories. Students will win gifts by sharing their reports on three different social media platforms.

Memoirs in Residence Halls

The residence life initiates the “Memoirs in Residence Halls” program to cherish and celebrate your memories in the residence halls. There is a specific corner to display RA events’ pictures in each TA building in the past three years. You could also pin pictures you took in the residence halls to win a gift.

Class Gift Campaign

As a tradition of Duke University and many others around the world, the class gift is an opportunity for the graduating class to celebrate their graduation by giving back to their alma mater. Your gift will act as a vote of confidence and demonstrate your strong support to Duke Kunshan University. Your donations, managed by the Education Development Foundation, helped Duke Kunshan respond to its pressing financial needs and have the flexibility to seize important opportunities.

Alumni Welcome Sessions: Welcome to FOREVER DKU!

A series of sessions include Alumni Networking Training and Orientation to help senior year students better prepare for the alumni community. You can also know more about the TIPs on Duke/DKU alumni benefits and meet with alumni leaders in different cities.

Signature Work Product Conference and Exhibition

At the end of the SW process, DKU will host an annual Signature Work Conference and Exhibition (SWCE) showcasing SW projects produced by the graduating seniors. In Spring 2022, the Office of Signature Work will coordinate an SWCE committee to develop the symposium. The first annual SWCE will be held at the end of 2021/2022, honoring our first class of graduating seniors.