The First Year Student Advisory Council involves 7-8 members to serve as a leadership group, providing informed feedback and advocating for the cohort of first-year students. The First Year Experience coordinator serves as the council advisor to bridge the communication between students and university offices.

FYSAC members commit to the following:

  • Serve on FYSAC for two semesters.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Think critically, ask questions, engage in research, and participate in dialogues at monthly meetings to make progress on FYE initiatives.
  • Provide thoughtful comments and recommendations in a respectful manner.
  • Attend at least one FYE event during each semester of service.
  • Attend end-of-semester reflection meeting and help to develop recommendations through an annual or semi-annual report.
  • Work on campaigns and programming to increase awareness of and support FYE Program.

First Year Student Advisory Council Members

Nicolás Velasco Pérez, Chair

My name is Nicolás (Nico) Velasco Pérez. I’m from Medellín, Colombia and I’m a first-year at DKU. I’m almost certain that I will major in Political Economy with a track in Economics. Academically, I am very interested in Fintech, Blockchain, Sustainability and Development Economics. Beyond that, I love running, hiking, reading and contributing to my community in any way I can! That is why I am particularly excited about the First Year Student Advisory Council. I believe that the DKU community is full of enriching and great students. Therefore, I want to connect all the members of our amazing community in a way that each one feels included and happy!

Chloe Alimurong

My name is Chloe Alimurong and I am a first-year from Maryland, USA. I plan to major in Computation and Design with a track in Social Policy. I care deeply about education and student issues, and I hope to tackle them through this council. I am excited to reach more students and help make DKU more student oriented.

Bo Chen

My name is Bo Chen and I'm a freshman from Suzhou, Jiangsu planning to major in Molecular Bioscience or Public Policy. I joined the First Year Student Advisory Council because I'm interested in coming up with great ideas to solve the problems that first year students face. I want to contribute to building the community and help make entering DKU a better experience. Being a part of the council is agood start for me to learn about leadership and devotion.

Heejae Yun

My name is Heejae Yun, and I'm from South Korea. I'm a first-year student in DKU, and my intended major is Media and Arts (creative practice track). I am interested in ways of art contributing to the human society and exploring how media can be such source. As a member of FYSAC, I hope that I could be the voice of other members in our DKU community and build up a strong bondage between current community members.

Shu Wu

My name is Shu Wu, and I am a freshman here at DKU. Although my major is currently undecided, I would love to take classes in Biology and Economics, and I also want to try out Psychology classes. I enjoy life here at DKU. I like the opportunities to work with others as well as to speak my mind. I am so excited to have the chance to be a member of the First-Year Student Advisory Council and help build DKU a better place for living and learning.

Soumya Lahoti

I am Soumya Lahoti from Kolkata, India. I am a first-year and I hope to major in Computation and Design with a concentration of Computer Science. I joined the SAB committee because I have had a mix of experiences as a first year at Duke. I want to contribute to making sure that all incoming first years have a terrific year and enjoy the DKU journey to its fullest.

Xiao Theng Liew

My name is Liew Xiao Theng. I'm passionate about Psychology and am currently considering a major in Behavioral Science. I enjoy watching movies for fun and analyzing them. Having received great support from others during my first year, I like to pay it forward by serving on the First Year Student Advisory Council. I hope to help incoming freshmen experience a wonderful first year of university.

Jiahe Yang

I’m Jiahe Yang (Ellen) from class of 2025, and I come from Beijing. My intended major is Computation and Design on the Digital Media track. I have a wide range of hobbies, such as photography, hiking, and going to galleries. I am passionate about interacting with others and always happy to offer a helping hand. You can share concerns from any aspects of you first year experience with me and I will always be there for you. It’s my great honor to help with enriching freshmen students’ living and learning experiences! I’m excited to work in FYSAC and ready to dedicate my efforts!

Polina Konovalova

My name is Polina Konovalova, I am a first year student at DKU. I am currently planning on majoring in Computation and Design with a track in Social Policy and choose Global Networks as my specialization. My interests lie in the fields of international relations, law, politics, computer programming, and language learning. I joined the First Year Student Advisory Council because I am passionate about helping people, and I greatly enjoy continuously learning new things and coping with different situations. I speak English and Russian proficiently, and I can also speak Chinese. Welcome to DKU!