International Student Return

International Students (Class of 2026 and earlier) Return Information

May 2023

1. Normalization of Entry and Immigration, Health and Safety

Starting in December 2022, China has continued to normalize immigration and entry policies for sustained COVID management. Currently, international students who have already been matriculated at DKU for a year or more (Class of 2026 and earlier) are able to apply for visas normally if they have not done so previously. There are no quarantines required upon entering China, nor are there daily COVID management policies such as mandatory testing or proof of tests to access public facilities. Travel policies (including vaccination records or COVID tests to board China-bound flights) may still vary from country to country, and students should research this information based on their own travel plans.

As of the Fall 2023 semester, all DKU undergraduate students are required to be on campus for classes according to a normal academic plan. Students who are unable to return or enter China must request a Leave of Absence (LOA) by contacting the DKU UG Studies Office.

Class of 2026 and earlier international students who have not already returned to campus in the Spring 2023 term should have already been in communication with DKU ISS regarding your visa application and requirements to come to China. 

2. Check-In

DKU Sophomores, Juniors (who are not on approved study away), and Seniors  are required to check-in to DKU housing on Friday, August 18.

Students who are entering China for the first time (who do not already have a valid Residence Permit) should carefully follow instructions from ISS on arrival policies. 

3. Residence Life Office (RLO)

Before departure for China

  1. Apply for a room assignment (Residence Life office will reach out with a detailed instruction on how to apply for a room assignment as soon as we aware of your arrival)
  2. Apply for a DKU ID card (please go to to access the full instruction on how to apply for a DKU card)

After arriving to China

After completing the home health management, Residence Life office will reach out with a detailed instruction on how to check in your residence hall and complete Police Registration within 24-hours of arrival. To check in, students need to go to SRH 202 during business hours ( Mondays-Fridays, from 9:00AM-5:30PM).  Reach out to residence Life office at for your stored property retrieval request (Class of 2023).

4. Residence Permit Application

First Year student and Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students who do not already have a Residence Permit are required to apply for long-term study residence permit within 30-days of arrival in China. Please contact ISS once you move to campus for further instruction on how to apply for study residence permit.

For Sophomores and Juniors, if you need to renew your passport and do not have valid residence permit application on your current passport, please make sure to contact ISS for further instruction on how to apply for your X1 visa or how to renew your residence permit.

5. Campus Resources

International Student Services (ISS)
Office of Undergraduate Advising
Office of UG Studies
Office of Registrar
International Financial Aid
DKU Residence Life
Campus Services
Campus Health