International Student Return

International Students Transition Guideline

October 2020

1. DKU Quarantine Policy

DKU will not require any additional quarantine time besides the local government’s requirement. The most updated government quarantine policy for Suzhou area is below:

(a) For travelers from domestic medium and high-risk areas, nucleic acid test and quarantine will be required.

(b) For travelers from overseas:

  • Entrance from Shanghai
  • 3 days in Shanghai and 11 days in Suzhou/Kunshan for centralized quarantine.
  • Additional 14 days home health management are required. During this period, the students will not be authorized to access campus and other DKU off-campus facilities.

2. Campus Access

Students will get approval for campus access once they complete the second 14 days of home health management and submit the latest Covi 19 test report through the following approval request link:

Once the request for returning to campus is approved, students will be able to obtain the DKU health code, which will be used as the identifications for campus access.

3. Quarantine Expense Reimbursement

DKU will reimburse the lodging cost for centralized quarantine and COVID-19 testing cost, if any. You will be responsible for covering personal costs such as food, additional charges to the room, hygiene items, etc.

To reimburse, students should request fapiao with DKU title relevant supporting documents and fill out Bank Account Information Form below for reimbursement.

Request the official Fapiao with DKU Fapiao Info from the hotel once you finish quarantine and keep safe of all the supporting documents with you.


  • No reimbursement can be made if any of the documents mentioned above is missing.
  • Because the expense is in China, the university will only reimburse students in CNY.
  • More supporting documents may be required as the quarantine policy changes in the future.

DKU Fapiao Info (You can present this info to the hotel receptionist and ask for fapiao for accommodation):

税号12320 0004 6 601 69 60 G

Useful words in Chinese:


/wǒ/ /yào/ /kāi/ /yī/ /zhāng/ /zhù/ /sù/ /fèi/ /de/ fā /piào/

fā /piào/ /xìn/ /xī/ /shì/kūn shān dù kè dà xué

Collect Reimbursement Supporting Documents:

Bank Account Information

Reimbursement of quarantine cost can only be reimbursed to the bank account in Mainland China.


  Information Required for All Accounts

  1. Student Name |
  2. NetID: |
  3. Beneficiary Name (enter below):
Enter full name below, exactly as it appears on the bank account.
  4. Bank Account Number (enter below):
Account number may be different from number on your bank card. Please confirm with your bank.
  5. Bank Name with Branch Info in Chinese characters (enter below):

3. 24 Hour Accommodation Registration

Make sure to bring your passport and go to 昆山市登云路288号海创大厦2楼46/47窗口,Counter 46/47 Haichuang Building, No.288 Dengyun Road, Kunshan to complete accommodation registration required by local police station within 24 hour of moving in.

Please be aware that failure to register within 24hrs of your arrival may impact your residence permit application in the future.

4. Residence Life Office (RLO)

Before departure for China

  1. Apply for a room assignment (Residence Life office will reach out with a detailed instruction on how to apply for a room assignment as soon as we aware of your arrival)
  2. Apply for a DKU ID card (please go to to access the full instruction on how to apply for a DKU card)

After arriving to China

After completing the home health management, Residence Life office will reach out with a detailed instruction on how to check in your residence hall. To check in, students need to go to SRH 202 during business hours ( Mondays-Fridays, from 9:00AM-5:30PM).  Reach out to residence Life office at for your stored property retrieval request (Class of 2023).

5. Residence Permit Application

For First Year students, you are required to apply for long-term study residence permit within 30-day of arrival in China. Please contact ISS once you move to campus for further instruction on how to apply for study residence permit.

For Sophomore or Junior, if you need to renew your passport and do not have valid residence permit application on your current passport, please make sure to contact ISS for further instruction on how to renew your residence permit.

6. Quarantine Tips

To pack your own snacks. Students may be allergic to some of the items in quarantine meals or have specific dietary issues. It’s better for you to pack food that you want/need because the hotel will not accommodate them.

  • Bring 1-3 rolls of toilet paper (not sure if the quarantine hotels will provide extra).
  • Bring a few extra toiletries (body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.). The hotel supply could run out if they only have those small bottles.
  • Bring disinfectant wipes or aerosols. The hotel will not come clean the room while you occupy the space.

7. Campus Resources

International Student Services (ISS)
Office of Undergraduate Advising
Office of UG Studies
Office of Registrar
International Financial Aid
DKU Residence Life
Campus Services
Campus Health