Internships can be essential to making professional contacts and gaining key skills in your area of interest. An internship program can also be a competitive experience, and companies often use them to screen candidates for potential full-time opportunities.

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Below are some resources to help you search for the right internship opportunities:

AIESEC (International internship platform)

China Development Brief (Chinese NGO)



LinkedIn (Chinese only)

Important! DKU International students China internship process:

All DKU internstional students may intern in China but must follow the prescribed approval process before beginning any-off campus internship. 

An internship in China is considered any experience (with or without pay) on a frequent temporary basis.

International DKU students must first apply via the link below before starting an internship in mainland China:

DKU International Student Internship in China Application
After submitting an application, the student will be contacted with details on how to appropriately process their documents for their internship. The key steps in the process are as follow:
Foreign Student Off-Campus Internship steps

Remember to report your internship! Please report your internship using the appropriate link below.

DKU China Student Internship in China

DKU Student Internship Outside of China