Visit a Classroom Program-Events


“Visit a Classroom” is a program to be provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), based on Duke Learning Innovation successful work adapting Teaching Squares/Triangles.  “Visit a Classroom” helps faculty to reflect on their own teaching by visiting other classrooms and observing other faculty teach.

The program groups faculty across disciplines who have compatible schedules, with CTL’s facilitating the process and faculty teaching conversations.  Visit a Classroom is not a deadline-driven program, but an ongoing service available to faculty at any time during the year.

Goals of the program:

  • Help faculty with self-reflection about their own teaching.
  • Help faculty engage in conversation about good teaching methods.
  • Establish informal network among faculty members across disciplines interested in teaching.
  • Provide a low time commitment method to engage with faculty about teaching.
  • Help CTL engage with faculty from a variety of disciplines around teaching issues.
  • Help CTL share concerns and interests about teaching within the CTL.

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