Zu Chongzhi Mathematics Research Seminar

Date and Time (China standard time): Tuesday, November 21, 4:30-5:30 pm

Location: WDR 1007

Zoom: 951 5269 2500; Passcode: dkumath

Title: Multi-fidelity methods for a class of kinetic models with uncertainties

Speaker: Liu Liu

Bio: Liu Liu is currently an assistant professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She got her Ph.D at University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012-2017) and worked as a postdoc at University of Texas at Austin from 2017-2020. Her research interests lie in numerical analysis for physical models, multiscale kinetic problems, uncertainty quantification, data-drive methods, etc.

Abstract:  In this talk, we will discuss some recent development on multi-fidelity methods for solving a class of kinetic models with uncertainties and multiple scales. The Boltzmann equation, linear transport equation, Vlasov-Poisson equation, semi-classical Schrödinger equation and epidemic transport system will be studied, followed by some formal error analysis. Several numerical experiments will be presented to justify the robustness and accuracy of our proposed method. These are joint work with Lorenzo Pareschi, Xueyu Zhu and Guilia Bertaglia.