Zu Chongzhi Center Mathematics Research Seminar

Date and Time (China standard time): Thursday, November 10, 8:00-9:00pm

Zoom ID: 948 2248 4778

Passcode: dkumath

Title: Some related results of Roger-Ramanujan-Gordon type theorems for overpartitions

Speaker: Diane Yahui Shi

Bio: Dr. Shi, obtained her PhD from Center for Combinatorics, Nankai University. She is currently an associate professor at School of Mathematics, Tianjin Univeristy. Her research areas mainly on combinatorics, $q$-series, and integer partitions. Many of her results are published in prestigious journals, including Proc. London Math. Soc., J.Combin. Theory, Ser. A., Jourmal of Number Theory, and  Ramanujan J.

Abstract: The Rogers-Ramanujan identities are two famous identities in partition theory. Over the past 100 years, many famous scholars, e.g., Macmahon, Gordon, Andrews, etc., have given the combinatorial interpretations and various generalizations of these two identites. Overpartition can be seen as the generalization of the ordinary partition and many partition theorems have overpartition analogue. In this talk, we shall discuss some related results of Rogers-Ramanujan-Gordon type theorems for overpartitions.