Zu Chongzhi Mathematics Research Seminar

Date and Time (China standard time): Saturday, December 16, 9:30-10:30 am
Location: WDR 1007

Zoom: 982 3254 3257; Passcode: dkumath

Title: Stability of background perturbation for Boltzmann equation

Speaker: Haitao Wang

Bio: Haitao Wang is currently an associate professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He earned his B.S. in 2010 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and completed his Ph.D. in 2015 at National University of Singapore. His research focuses on quantitative study of PDEs arising from kinetic theory and fluid mechanics.

Abstract:  We will consider the Boltzmann equation in the perturbation regime. Since the macroscopic quantities in the global Maxwellian are obtained through measurements, there are typically some errors involved. We aim to study how the solution changes as the background varies for the same initial perturbation. In this talk, I will show that the solution changes continuously with variations in the global Maxwellian and provide a sharp estimate for the associated errors. The proof relies on refined estimates for the linearized solution operator.