2022 Student Research Project | Intersections: A Journal of Language, Culture, and Ideas

Supervisor: Austin Woerner, Lecturer in English Language

Student Researchers

Giulia de Cristofaro is a junior, studying Political Economy at Duke Kunshan University. She acts as managing and English editor for the magazine.

Josh Manto is a junior student at Duke Kunshan University. He majors in data science and is the website editor for Intersections.

Xinyue Wang is a junior majoring in behavioral science with a psychology track. She works as the main Chinese editor in Intersections.

Hanxi Bao is part of DKU’s class of 2025, she works as a translator, from English to Chinese, for the Intersections team.

Lexue Song (Silvia) majors in Data Science is the WeChat Official Account Director of Intersections.

About the Project

Intersections: A Journal of Language, Culture, and Ideas is an online magazine featuring writing in Chinese and English by members of the Duke Kunshan community. As a multilingual community whose members are constantly engaged in learning one another’s languages and cultures—particularly those of Chinese and English-speaking countries—DKU is a place where conversations about language and culture are part of the fabric of daily life. Intersections seeks to create a space where that dialogue can unfold in written form, at greater length, and with more nuance than it can in the cafeteria, hallway, or dorm room.

In keeping with DKU’s language-learning spirit, as much as possible articles will be written in the author’s second language: primarily learners of English as second language writing in English, and learners of Chinese as a second language writing in Chinese. Intersections is hosted by DKU’s Language and Culture Center (LCC) and will put a special spotlight on writing produced as part of the LCC’s EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) courses. However, Intersections welcomes contributions from any member of the Duke Kunshan University community or anyone who wishes to speak to it. If you are interested in publishing your writing in Intersections, check out our submissions page!