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The CSCC Student Research Poster Exhibition is a series of events that seeks to enhance China-related research at DKU, and an opportunity for students involved in CSCC student research projects to showcase their research endeavors, and share their work with a wider audience.

The 2022 exhibition takes place on campus in the AB Lobby, as well as virtually. The virtual exhibition is open for the entire Fall semester and remains accessible in Research page.

Exhibited CSCC student research projects include:

  • Mapping Reproductive Rights in China: A Conjoint Analysis of Public Opinion towards the Three-child Policy;
  • “ALGORITHMS (MIS) UNDERSTAND ME”: How Creators and Users Image Content Curation on Chinese Platforms;
  • 100 Years of Jewish Literature in China;
  • When Machines Start Talking: The Trust and Emotions in Human-machine Communication;
  • Intersections: A Journal of Language, Culture, and Ideas;
  • Cultural Differences in Why We Do Not Forgive: Unforgiveness Motives in China and US;
  • Exploring an interactive and problem-oriented undergraduate tutorial system;
  • Social network analysis of collaboration patterns among economists in China based on Chinese- and English-language publications;
  • Punctuated Equilibrium Theory in China: A Systematic Review and Research Priorities;
  • Governing Data in Contemporary China: Laws, Digital Capacity, and the Formation of New Governmental Agencies;

Photos: September 23 Opening Ceremony Recap

Photos Provided by: Jing Wang & Jingxuan Zhuge, Class of 2025