Laboratory Safety Training

Environmental Health & Safety

Laboratory Safety Training Requirement

Duke Kunshan University requires safety training for laboratory personnel who work in laboratory where hazardous substances are being stored or used.  The purpose of the safety training is to insure that laboratory personnel are adequately trained about physical and health hazards present within the laboratory and methods for minimizing the risks of exposure.  Required training is determined by job duties and the specific hazards within the lab.

Required Training for Laboratory Personnel

  • Fundamental of Laboratory Safety: Required for all  personnel who work in the laboratory where hazardous substances or equipment are being used or stored.
  • Hazardous Waste Management: Required for all laboratory personnel who generate hazardous waste in the laboratory.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training: Required for all employee who work in the laboratory.

Laboratory Specific Training

In addition to the required training(s) conducts by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, the faculty and/or lab manager in charge of the lab must train laboratory personnel on lab-specific procedures and practices pertaining to the laboratory in which they work.  The faculty or lab manager in charge of the lab must review with new laboratory personnel the lab-specific safety training checklist.  This document must be signed and date by both the trainer and the new laboratory personnel.

Instructional Laboratories

For instructional laboratory, at the beginning of each semester, every laboratory instructor must review lab specific safety protocols with their classes before students are permitted to work in the laboratory.  The instructor must discuss: the risks associated with the substances used and procedures to be performed, proper techniques for handling and disposing of hazardous substances, Personal Protective Equipment requirement, emergency and spill response procedures, and safety precautions to be used to prevent exposure or release of hazardous chemicals into the environment.

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