Academic Writing Group

Dear faculty,

When the term starts, it is often hard to find time and space to write up research. Office of Faculty Affairs together with Coraline Goron and Ben Overmeire would like to organize a Faculty Writing Group starting from 2021 session3. (see attachment for detailed schedule)

The idea of the writing group is simple: we have a room booked for 2 hours twice per week (here it will be on Monday& Thursday for 2021 Session3); you come with your laptop, a cup to fill with tea or coffee, and some piece of writing you want to work on (course preps and admin are excluded). Due to COVID-19, we also create a Zoom ID for those who would like to join us remotely.

The writing sessions run as follow:

  • We first do a roundtable telling each other our writing objective for the session;
  • Then, we set the timer for 1 hour. When the time is up, we take a short break to refill our cups and eat some food & fruits, while chatting and complaining to each other about how hard it is to write! (light refreshments will be served)
  • Then we go back to the writing table for another hour before wrapping up the session.
  • Planning: we’ll try to invite guests or organize some fun activities during some of the sessions.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out the Qualtrics by Jan 6th 2021 “Writing Group” WeChat group will be set up to communicate more efficiently about it with those who have expressed an interest. That will not commit you at all to join every week, but will enable you to be reminded of the location and time of the sessions, and also to know who will join the next time.

We look forward to seeing many of you join this initiative!

Best regards,

Organizing Committee
Coraline Goron, Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy
Ben Van Overmeire, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Office of Faculty Affairs

Schedule (may subject to change)

DateTimeVenueInvited Guest/Other Activity
2021/1/7 11:00AM-13:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/1/14 11:00AM-13:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303James Miller
2021/1/21 11:00AM-13:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/1/2516:00PM-18:00PMIB2025/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/1/28 11:00AM-13:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/2/1 12:00PM-14:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/2/4 11:00AM-13:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/2/812:00PM-14:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/2/2212:00PM-14:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/2/25 11:00AM-13:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/3/112:00PM-14:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303 
2021/3/4 11:00AM-13:00PMIB2026/ZOOM ID 9133 2612 303