Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is calling for proposals for 2024 China-Singapore Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Flagship Project (2024年度中新科技创新合作期间项目申报指南).

You could visit their official website for more information: 国家科技管理信息系统公共服务平台 (


Budget Total: No more than 2 proposals with total funds RMB 28,000,000


Priority Areas: Food Supply Resilience (Future Foods, Aquaculture) 食品供应韧性(未来食品、水产养殖)


Project Period: 3 years



  1. PI must have the title of professor/associate professor/principal researcher scientist or obtain a PhD degree.
  2. PI should be born after 1st January 1964. The annual working time dedicated to the project should be no less than 6 months.
  3. PI shall be the proposer of the main research concept and the scientific personnel who leads the research projects.
  4. PI is limited to applying for only one proposal. PIs of ongoing projects under the National Key R&D Program and the Science and Technology Innovation 2030 Major Project are not allowed to lead or participate in new project applications. However, subject leaders are allowed to lead or participate in new applications.
  5. Experts involved in drafting the implementation plan of key projects or this year’s project guidelines are not allowed to apply for this project.
  6. The proposal needs to be nominated by Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology.


Language: Chinese for proposals submitted to MOST system


Internal Deadline: 4pm, Wednesday, July 30th, 2024