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To introduce Chinese culture and history to our DKU community, we organize various events every semester which are open to all community members and let them get to know and experience China from different perspective.

Tour China In This Bazaar Series Event

Tour China in this Bazaar is an event that facilitates cultural exchange and understanding between Chinese and international students. By inviting Chinese students from different provinces, the event provides multiple perspectives and insights comprehending the diverse regions of China. Through presentations, discussions, and cultural showcases, students can broaden their knowledge, appreciate the richness of Chinese culture, and foster meaningful connections. The event not only enhances cross-cultural understanding but also promotes a sense of unity and appreciation for the cultural diversity within China.

Experience Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient system of health and wellness that has been used in China for thousands of years. It focuses on balance, harmony, and energy of people’s entire well-being, attracting enthusiasts worldwide. Every semester, we invite therapists from Kunshan Hospital of Chinese Medicine to DKU campus, providing students with a valuable opportunity to learn about traditional Chinese medicine and experience Chinese medicine health care and therapy inheriting thousands of years.

Do It as A Farmer-Experiential Learning Event

From field to table, cutting rice, digging taro, making pizza, etc., the farming experiential activities ‘Do it as a farmer’ provided students with opportunities to learn agricultural knowledge, develop a sense of food conservation, and embrace the hard work ethic associated with farming. By inviting international students to participate, the activities also facilitated intercultural communication and allowed for a better understanding of Chinese farming practices. We remain committed to organizing similar initiatives in the future, fostering a deeper appreciation of the gifts of nature among students from diverse backgrounds.