Residence Halls

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Residence Halls

Our residence halls are homes for the students who live there. Many people use the word “dorm” to describe the places students live on university campuses. “Dormitory” is word derived from the Latin for “sleep”. Since our facilities are part of something far more impactful and meaningful than sleep alone, we use the term “residence hall” to describe any of the residential buildings. Each hall is supervised by a full-time Residence Life Coordinator, who also lives in the building. Further, each Residence Life Coordinator supervises a team of Resident Assistants who help students develop a sense of community.

Residence Halls Used Through Spring 2023

The current residence hall arrangement is for first-year students to live on DKU’s main campus, in either the Student Residence Hall (SRH) or Conference Center (CC), while upperclass and graduate students live in offsite Talent Apartments (TA).  As need arises, students may be assigned to the Canadian International School of Kunshan (CISK), which is conveniently located directly across the street from main campus.  You can learn more about the individual residence halls, including information about who lives there and the amenities, by clicking below.

Student Residence Hall

The SRH is a suite-styled residence hall for first-year students

Talent Apartments

The TA is an apartment-styled residence hall for upperclass and graduate students

Conference Center

The CC is a hotel-styled residence hall for first-year students

Canadian International School of Kunshan

The CISK is a residence hall for first-year, upperclass, and graduate students
All Students

Residence Halls Used from Fall 2023

As the entire University grows, so will our residence hall inventory! Phase 2’s residential facilities will include 9 brand new Silver LEED certified buildings, containing around 2,100 beds, many study spaces, social lounges, and kitchenettes, and several classrooms and multipurpose spaces.  Undergraduates will occupy 8 of the 9 new buildings, which will be clustered into 4 courtyards. Each courtyard will have around 500 students, a team of RAs, an RLC, and host a Living Learning Community (most of which will have a Faculty-In-Residence). The buildings will be a traditional-style accommodation with floors full of bedrooms and public bathrooms. Each room will have 2 students living in it and each floor will have bathrooms with private toilets and private showers.  Graduates will occupy 1 of the 9 new buildings and the entire SRH. The new building will be an apartment-style accommodation and have around 100 students. Each apartment will have 4 single bedrooms, 2 toilets, 2 showers, a kitchenette, and a living room.

Undergraduate Student Residence Halls

These are traditional-styled residence halls for undergraduate students

Student Residence Hall

The SRH is a suite-styled residence hall for first-year students

Phase 2 Graduate Student Residence Hall

This is an apartment-styled residence hall for graduate students

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