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Upon arrival at Duke Kunshan University, first-year students will participate in Orientation Week. Duke Kunshan University aims to facilitate students’ transition into daily academic and social life; administrators and orientation leaders will organize workshops on various topics to successfully prepare new students for the next four years.

Students should look forward to opportunities to meet their neighbors and break the awkwardness often associated with a new beginning. Duke Kunshan University’s Annual Talent Show will provide first-year students with a stage to amaze their future classmates and professors; this activity will encourage students to work collaboratively, reflecting their university’s core principles. The Undergraduate Convocation will unite students with an inspiring message relayed by our distinguished faculty and administrators, similarly endowing students with their new community’s values and spirit. Finally, Orientation Week sets aside plenty of time for students to explore and mingle on their own; first-year students can venture into the city with their new colleagues and start writing the formative stories of their collegiate experience.

Read about the Global Celebration for the Class of 2024 (https://dukekunshan.edu.cn/en/news/global-celebration-class-2024)

Global Culture Month​

Global Culture Month is a recurring series of events that introduces and celebrates the various cultures represented by the diverse and international student body at Duke Kunshan University. As part of Global Culture Month, Duke Kunshan University Students have visited Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. International Student Services and Student Affairs have organized various events to transmit our student body’s cultural depth and richness, including pop-up restaurants, language exchanges, trivia nights, cooking lessons, and music performances.

Host Family​

Similar to the majority of international academic institutions, Duke Kunshan University has organized a Host Family Program. International Students are provided the opportunity to apply and be connected with a local family to experience a foreign culture and share their own culture, ultimately stepping in the direction of a comprehensive global community. Host Families are committed to providing a home that students can visit regularly and engage with family members in conversation, cooking, eating, and fun. International Student Services organizes the Host Family Program, and should you have any questions regarding the program, please contact them at your convenience.

Grand Opening of Duke Kunshan University 2019 International Students Host Family Program: