Preparing to Arrive

We know you have questions, and the pages in the “Preparing to Arrive” section are designed to give you comprehensive information and practical steps to take – starting now!

Preparations to arrive at DKU will take time, but the main principles that will help keep you on track are quite simple:

  • Make sure you set-up (and USE!) DKU Email and NetID!
    Following your matriculation as a student to DKU in early May, you will receive instructions to activate your DKU NetID (login credentials for all DKU Systems) and your DKU email account. All official correspondence will be sent to your new DKU email address. Make sure you are checking DKU email daily; set-up an email app or use email forwarding to make sure you are reading communications.
  • Review information on these pages carefully!
    There is a lot of information available on these pages to guide you through your tasks. Set aside time now to review this information, and check back every few weeks to make sure you are completing tasks that you need to do.
  • Communicate with DKU International Student Services (ISS) when you have questions! 
    Students have unique needs, and we are happy to help you get answers to your questions. Email DKU ISS at: DKU-ISS@dukekunshan.edu.cn


The timeline below provides a summarized overview of major action areas by month. Detailed steps and information are found in subsequent pages of the “New Students: Preparing to Arrive” section. 

Timeline Overview: What to Expect and When