Pre- arrival: Visa & Policies

Updates coming for Class of 2028 International Students

NOTE: Extensive website updates are forthcoming in mid-April, 2024! Newly accepted/committed students should wait for these updates related to a detailed walkthrough of the pre-arrival process, including:

  • Passports and visa application process
  • Planning travel to DKU and preparing for arrival (packing, getting to campus, etc.)
  • Recommended vaccinations, healthcare information, and more
  • Processes for registering for housing, classes, and preparing for academic life at DKU

Before you have accepted your admission offer and have been matriculated to DKU (matriculation for all new incoming first year students happens in early May, 2024), the only thing you can (and should!) start doing in the meantime is making sure you have a valid passport:

Ensure Passport Validity, or Apply for a New Passport

  • All students will need a valid passport to receive their X1 China Student Visa.
  • If you have a passport, ensure it is valid through at least July, 2025.
    • If your current passport expires before the end of the AY2024-25 (May 30, 2025), you should apply for a new passport now.
  • If you do not currently have a passport, apply for one immediately!
  • Technically, visa processing and document issuance cannot begin until you have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the start of the DKU Fall 2024 term. However, we strongly recommend that you have a passport with validity through at least June, 2025, or you will need to apply for a new passport from within China. Doing so may be complicated depending on your country’s local consulate/embassy requirements. 

Thank you for your patience, and please check back for these updates later in April, 2024! If you have questions in the meantime, please contact