Pre- arrival: Visa & Policies

Class of 2027 International Students

1. Visa Application Process and Timing

Applying for your Chinese visa is a multi-step process that requires support from ISS, and action from you as a student. Following your matriculation as a DKU student, ISS will collect additional information via a survey distributed to all incoming first-year students, accompanied by a step-by-step timeline of the visa application process.

  • DKU Email: Make sure you have activated your DKU NetID and DKU Student email using instructions sent to you. All communication will ISS and other campus units should take place using your DKU email.
  • Visa Survey: ISS will distribute a survey to your DKU email to collect information needed for visa processing by or before May 17, 2023. Please complete this survey by stated deadlines.
  • Timeline: A timeline and set of instructions will be sent to all students with the survey. Please review this process and your action steps carefully.
  • A preliminary walkthrough of key parts of the visa process and essential Pre-Departure and Arrival Information can be previewed at:

    DKU’s International Student Zone

2. Ensure Passport Validity

  • All students will need a valid passport to receive their X1 China Visa.
  • Pay close attention to ISS Visa Guides to ensure your passport validity allows you to apply for your Chinese student visa.
  • If you do not currently have a passport, apply for one immediately, and work with ISS to determine the arrival date. Visa processing and document issuance cannot begin until you have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the start of the DKU term.

3. Vaccines, Planning Travel, and Arrival to Campus

Closely follow instructions and pre-departure/arrival information provided by ISS. Proactively communicate questions, concerns, or needs; we are here to help!

Returning International Students (Class 2026 and Earlier)

Class of 2026 and earlier international students should have received communication from ISS regarding your visa application and processing. 

Please note: following the end of COVID restrictions, all DKU students are required to be on-campus for the Fall 2023 semester. Students are responsible to follow-through on obtaining a visa or verifying validity of previously issued visas to ensure a smooth entry to China and 

Proactively communicate your questions, concerns, or needs to ensure transition to campus!