Meridian: A Literary Atlas of DKU

《子午线 · DKU 文学地图集》

A group photo of the LCC staff and faculty

Meridian: A Literary Atlas of DKU is an annual anthology of creative writing by students at Duke Kunshan University. It features primarily nonfiction essays that give vivid windows into the places that students come from or that are significant to them.

The inaugural edition of Meridian, released in May 2021, contains 42 stories produced in Austin Woerner’s writing course “Creative Nonfiction: People and Places” (WOC190). However, we welcome any contributions from students produced in any class or independently. If you want to submit a piece of writing to the next edition of Meridian, please contact Austin Woerner at

For the moment, Meridian is free to members of the DKU community who request it. To request a copy, please fill out this Qualtrics form

Cover and Table of Contents

Pictures from the Book Launch

May 5, 2021. Photo credit: Wendy Wen