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WLS Services
The WLS provides support to all writers and language learners in the DKU community (including students, faculty, and staff). Our main service is one-on-one appointments with our experienced faculty coaches or trained student coaches for writing or for language learning. Our aim is to help our community members become better writers and language learners by providing non-directive feedback and recommending helpful strategies and resources. We also offer workshops and resources on selected topics in writing and language learning, and we host events, including weekly Language Tables and the Hunker Down and Write! with drop-in coaching at the end of each academic session.
New in Fall 2023

The WLS has moved into AB 2101 (the second floor of what used to be the DKU Library) and held an event to mark our official opening of this new space. We are using the large open space for workshops, events, and meetings. When it is not being used for these purposes, it is open for people to use as a learning space during regular working hours. There are three computers for visitors to use, and many writing and language learning resources.

With all students back on campus, all of our coaching appointments are once again in person. They take place in the following locations:

· LCC Faculty offices in the Conference Center

· AB 2101 for Ian McNally, Jianxuan Zhang, and peer writing coaches

Walk-in coaching for English writing is now available at select times of day in AB2101. We are piloting this program in Fall 2023 to determine whether to continue or expand the available hours. Weekly hours are posted in AB2101 and on the WLS WeChat account.

Classroom Visits
UG and graduate program faculty may request a classroom visit from the WLS to introduce our services to their students. Standard classroom visits are 15 minutes and include the following information:
  • Introduction to the WLS team and services
  • How to create an account and register for an appointment
  • When and why to visit the WLS
  • How to prepare for an appointment
  • Important WLS policies
  • (when available) Student perspective from peer coaches
  • Q&A
Follow these simple steps to request your classroom visit!
STEP 1: Submit your request form If you would like the WLS to visit your class, just complete the brief request form from this link: Classroom Visit Request. The WLS does its best to accommodate requests for class visits, but we can’t guarantee availability at all times. Please indicate at least two potential visit times on the request form. You may also request a customized visit (e.g., to focus on writing or language coaching, to address specific stages of the writing process, to limit or extend the length of the visit).
STEP 2: Confirm the schedule Once we receive your request , the WLS coordinator will confirm the time, date, and location with you as well as any special requests to customize the visit.
STEP 3: The WLS visits your class One of our faculty coaches or staff members will visit your class at the scheduled time to introduce the WLS to your students and answer their questions.
STEP 4: Survey After the visit, you will receive a follow-up survey from us. Your feedback is highly valued and it will help us improve our service in the future.

We appreciate it when faculty encourage their students to use the WLS! That said, WLS coaching services, workshops, and events are all voluntary. We promote self-directed learning and believe it is important for students to make the choice to use our services. For this reason and for capacity issues, we ask faculty not to require their students to make WLS appointments.

The WLS doesn’t have the capacity for very large numbers of students to make coaching appointments in any given week. Therefore, to maintain equity, we ask that faculty do not award extra credit to students for attending WLS coaching sessions.

WLS faculty and student coaches come from a wide range of disciplinary and writing backgrounds. Though our disciplinary backgrounds don’t cover all the DKU majors and graduate programs, there are many ways that we work with writers whose background don’t match our own. For instance, we help writers evaluate how well they have achieved their aims in their writing, identify gaps in logic or development of arguments, improve clarity and conciseness, and develop strategies to use in different stages of their writing. 

WLS coaches help raise writers’ awareness of language issues (e.g., grammar, word choice, style) in their writing, and introduce them to resources and strategies they can use to check and improve their use of language. The help we provide can take a variety of forms, but it will never include proofreading or correcting an entire piece of writing for the writer.

Yes! We have many faculty and staff members who make appointments for language learning or writing. These faculty serve as great role models of self-directed learning for our students.

Our policy is to maintain confidentiality for our WLS users, meaning that we don’t disclose who comes to us for coaching or what we discuss in individual coaching sessions. However, WLS users should receive a summary of their appointment via email, and they are free to share those reports with others at their discretion.

Contact Us: Academic Building 2101