About Us

What We Do

The Office of Student Conduct proactively educates students about their campus rights and responsibilities, maintains the DKU Student Handbook and the policies therein, and administers the non-academic student conduct process. 


The office hosts educational events throughout the year to promote awareness of students’ rights and responsibilities.  Topics include how to develop healthy and respectful relationships, overviews of policies and the student conduct process, and more.

DKU Student Handbook

The DKU Student Handbook (the Handbook) is an essential resource for students that outlines information about living on campus, student’s rights and responsibilities, non-academic policies, and the student conduct process.  In keeping the Handbook current, the Office of Student Conduct works closely with DKU Legal Counsel to ensure compliance with all relevant MOE laws and regulations.  While DKU strives to provide an outstanding positive learning experience, it is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with and understand expectations outlined in the Handbook.  Students will be held accountable for violations of policies on campus, whether committed by themselves or by their guest, and for those which occur off-campus and negatively impact DKU.  Student behavior that does not comply with University policies will be addressed through an educational process designed to educate and promote safety and good citizenship, and, when necessary, impose appropriate consequences.  The current version of the DKU Student Handbook can be accessed via the following link, on a DKU network (using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN as needed), and through Shibboleth authentication:  https://duke.box.com/v/dku-student-handbook.  If you believe a policy was violated, you can file an Incident Report by logging into https://hub.dukekunshan.edu.cn, then selecting “Student Incident Report”.

Non-Academic Student Conduct Process

The non-academic student conduct process is implemented by one of 4 trained adjudication bodies.  Adjudicators recognize that every person who has ever lived has made a choice that didn’t reflect their best self or found themselves in an undesirable.  To maintain social harmony among students on campus, the University reserves the right to review alleged policy violations, initiate disciplinary action, and impose sanctions when appropriate.  This process provides students with an opportunity to reflect and critically think about the reported incident, in an effort to learn to live in a socially responsible way with their community and environment. 

Contact Information

Our business hours are 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM daily from Monday – Friday, and we are located in the Student Residence Hall 202 suite on the 2nd floor.  Additionally, our office phone number is +86 (0512) 3665.7020 and our office email account is studentconduct@dukekunshan.edu.cn.