Academic Difficulties

Steps You Can Take

  • Connect with Your Instructor

If you are comfortable, connect with your instructor about your situation. Work in partnership with your faculty member to determine how
you can complete the coursework and fulfill your academic responsibilities, given your current situation and/or stressors. Talk about what is reasonable
for them to expect from you and develop a shared understanding of how you can accomplish the work needed to complete the course. You are your best advocate.

  • Connect with your Faculty Advisor

Your faculty advisor has the best information about your
program and that resources are available for you to progress successfully. If you have questions about classes,
requirements, or major specific opportunities, your faculty advisor is a great place to start.

For faculty advisor information, please check this link.

  • Take Advantage of Academic Resources Center

Academic Resources Center provides various academic support services including tutoring, peer tutor program, academic success workshops,
and academic success coaching.

For more information, please check this link.

  • Connect with Student Accessibility Services Office

Students who wish to request accommodation for a disability may do so by sending over request to The Student Care Coordinator will ask the applicant to fill out application form and may request more supporting documents for related offices to review. Final decision will be conveyed by the Student Care Coordinator via email to the applicant.

For more information about application form and medical guideline, please check this link.