Our Vision and Mission


To serve the DKU community by coordinating support efforts on and off campus in order to assist students facing challenges, stressors, and barriers that impede academic and personal success.


To provide high quality, systems-based outreach and support services that assist and empower students in identifying and managing interpersonal, academic, and healthcare concerns. We do this by:

  • Responding to concerns from the DKU community about students in distress;
  • Communicating with students to address their needs;
  • Connecting students to appropriate resources and services;
  • Providing a central point of contact for students facing a crisis or trauma;
  • Fostering resilience and self-advocacy in students to manage their responsibilities and work toward their goals;
  • Communicating across systems to keep the campus community and individuals safe and healthy;
  • And advocating for students individually and systemically.