National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSFC) announced 2024 call for proposals (Young, General, Key Programs, Major Projects).

  1. For regular programs, please check the Link to the announcement. (in Chinese)

Supporting Area: No specific subject guide will be issued for this application. Applicants can make their own topic declaration according to the orientation of the subdiscipline topic guide of the National Social Science Foundation in recent years, the established topics and research results, corresponding to the positioning and requirements of the above project categories, focusing on the needs of the country and the development of the disciplines, but avoid duplicated research.


  • For Key Programs and General Programs(重点项目和一般项目), PIs must hold a professional title of associate professor or above;
  • PIs for the Young Scholars Program(青年项目) must be under 35-year-old for male applicants, or 40-year-old for females.
  • PIs must obtain consent to participate from the members of the research team and have them sign the confirmation form.
  • PIs who have applied or who have ongoing projects sponsored by other national agencies, such as NSFC, MoE are not eligible to apply NSSFC.

Awarded Budget:

  • Key Programs(重点): CNY 350,000 
  • General Program and Young Scholars Program(一般项目和青年项目): CNY 200,000 

Project Period:

  • Basic theoretical research: generally 3-5 years
  • Applied research and policy analysis: generally 2-3 years

Application: All applications shall be submitted through the system April 25th. Please register an individual account and select DKU as your working institute in the system. After submission online please print out 3 hardcopies of the proposal and provide them to RSO. 

Proposal Language Chinese

Internal Deadline: 4 pm, May 10th, 2024

Guidelines and requirements for the proposal can be found in Attachment 1-1.4.

Please contact to check your eligibility and to send inquiries.

  1. Major projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSFC) are open for bidding nationwide(国家社会科学基金重大项目招标).Link to announcement

The Major Program adheres to the correct political direction, value orientation and academic guidance, focusing on major theoretical and practical issues that have academic support for the advancement of the Party’s theoretical innovation and Chinese-style modernization. It will focus on the fundamental theoretical issues that are crucial to the development of philosophy and social science with Chinese characteristics and the construction of China’s independent knowledge system, and launching landmark research results with significant academic innovation value and cultural inheritance.

A total of 375 bidding topics in the attached PDF have been released for this batch of major projects. In addition to the directional topic, each topic in principle establishes one winning proposal, and the funding amount is 600,000-800,000 RMB each.


  1. The proposal PI must have professorship or equivalent senior academic titles.
  2. The PI has deep academic attainments and rich scientific research experience in relevant research fields
  3. The proposal PI can only bid for one project, and cannot participate in other projects as a sub-topic leader or a team member in this tender.
  4. Bidders must submit three representative results (papers or monographs) related to the research field of the declared topic, as an important reference for the evaluation of the project.


  1. The application is available after June 27th.  All application shall submit through the system  Please register individual account and select DKU as your working institute in the system. 
  2. All proposal will be reviewed by Jiangsu Office of Social Science Management before recommended to national NSSFC.

Internal Deadline: July 5th, 2024. 

If you are interested in this application please contact Thanks.