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Ethical Policies:

  1. Policy on PI Status
  2. Policy on Misconduct in Research
  3. Policy on Faculty Consulting
  4. Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest in Research for Individuals


Regulatory Policies:

  1. Regulatory Policy on Indirect Costs Management
  2. Regulatory Policies on Sponsored Research Funds Management
  3. Policy for Academic Salary Buy Outs
  4. Policy on Course Buy Outs
  5. Policy on Establishment and Review of Research Centers
  6. Policy on University-Industry Research Relationship
  7. DKU Research Service Rate Instructions
  8. Guidelines to Duke Kunshan University Regulatory Policies on Sponsored Research Funds Management (Trial)
  9. Regulatory Rule on Management of Research Project Close-Out and Research Fund Surplus
  10. List of Unallowable Costs for Research Funds Use
  11. Principles and Procedures Regarding Non-medical Research on Human Subjects


Data Management Policies:

  1. Policy on Open Access to Research
  2. Policy on Research Data Management
  3. Policy on Data Management Plans
  4. Duke Kunshan University General Guidelines for Records and Archives Management (Trial)
  5. Regulatory Rule on Management of Human Genetic Resources


Intellectual Property Policies:

  1. DKU Guideline on Intellectual Property Rights for Students 
  2. Guidelines on Authorship and Authorship Dispute Resolution
  3. Policy on Research Records: Sharing, Retention and Ownership
  4. Policy on Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Policy on Inventions, Patents and Technology Transfer
  6. Patent Agreement