Research Support Office



The Office of Research Support and Technology Transfer (ORSTT) is responsible for administration of sponsored research projects and programs (henceforth abbreviated as projects) in order to ensure compliance with the Independent Non-profit Status Duke Kunshan University (DKU) has been granted and the policies and regulations required by the wide variety of funding agencies /sponsors which DKU faculty submit proposals to and receive funding from..

Roles and Responsibilities

ORSTT is designed to assist the DKU community, including faculty, students and staff, in their conduct of activities relating to research. ORSTT is a “from cradle to grave” research administration office that encompasses policy and regulatory matters as well. Our responsibility for and assistance to researchers includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assistance in search of funding opportunities,
  • Preparation and review of project proposals,
  • Preparation, review and negotiation of collaborative agreements,
  • Review of budgets and budget splits for subawards,
  • Set up of awards when funded,
  • Negotiation and oversight of research contracts,
  • We request and review interim research and finance project reports periodically,
  • We request and review final research and finance project reports, and
  • We monitor compliance with policies and regulations throughout the entire life of sponsored projects.

ORSTT Contacts

The Office of Research Support and Technology Transfer Email

Associate Director of Research Support

Jing Bai

Associate Director of Research Support – External Relationship

Xudong Mao

Senior Research Administration Specialist (pre-award)

Zhengyang Gao

Research Support Assistant (post-award)

Ling Ma


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