Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student lead (non-club) organization overseen by the Office of Student Affairs for planning campus events. CAB’s aim will be to put on large- and small-scale programs, which focus on student needs, interests, and engagement on campus.

Campus Activities Board’s student led programs will build an inclusive community that appeals and represents the social, cultural, arts, recreational, and evolving needs of students and the campus community. CAB will strive to create experiences that will enhance every student’s DKU experience.

CAB Leadership

Yuri Park | Class of 2025| Executive Director | Computation and Design |

Hello! I am Yuri Park, the executive director of the CAB. My interest lies in illustrations, trying new food, and watching movies. But, among all, my favorite hobby is building new relationships, because Iearning about people not only gives me an opportunity to learn new things, such as culture that I have never encountered, but also gives me positive energy. So, through leading the CAB, I would like the activities to stimulate or help people to build new relationships!

Ziying He | Class of 2025| General Secretary |

Hi! I’m Ziying He from Guangdong, China and my intended major is Global Health-Public Policy track. I love traveling, running marathons, watching movies, and listening to music. My hope for CAB is to unite the whole DKU community and establish engaging and meaningful events. As the General Secretary, I will do my best to ensure everything is organized so that the other members can bring out their talents and provide better activities for the DKU community.

Yixuan Cao | Class of 2024 | Finance Director

Hi guys! I’m Yixuan Cao from Class 2024, the Finance Directory for CAB. My Major is Ethics and Leadership with a track in Philosophy. You can find me through my email at With the CAB, I want to hold excellent events and ensure they are well organized.

Shutong Zhang | Class of 2025 | Marketing Director

Hi, I’m Sissi Shutong Zhang, a student from the class of 2025. My intended major is Media and Art (Creative track) and my email is I’m glad to be the Marketing Director during Academic Year 2022-2023. This year, I hope to produce more creative merchandise and online postings to engage all the students of DKU to join our events. In collaboration with other departments, I hope to promote both the CAB and DKU brands.

Kaiqi Wu| Class of 2024| Culture and Visual Arts Director

Hi, everyone, my name is Kaiqi Wu. I am a Media and Art (Creative Practice) student from the Class of 2024. I am the Director of Culture and Visual Arts and mainly responsible for photographing and filming our events. My email address is, and you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or want to have a chat.

I sincerely welcome everyone to join our activities and hope CAB’s events can fulfill DKU students’lives and provide unique experiences outside of the classroom.

Yixin Gou | Class of 2025 | Public Relations Director |

Hello, I am Susie from China and am currently a sophomore at DKU. My intended major is Political Economy-Economics track. I find joy in global health and international relations. As the CAB’s Public Relations Director, I will do my best to take charge of CAB’s relations, especially in making the connection with student organizations, and conduct collaboration to preserve CAB’s image. I hope I can contribute to making the DKU community reflect its diversity by working with members of CAB.

Ziran Kong | Class of 2025 | Event Coordinator |

I am a student on the Behavioral Science track, I enjoy meaningful research in psychology. For me, college life could prove to be different for all students, so I am hoping to explore differences among students with the CAB. It is a great honor to hold this positions with the CAB, especially in organizing events to bring engagement to the whole student body as the Event Coordinator. With this position, I hope to accumulate work experience in organizing activities, improve leadership and self-confidence, and meet more like-minded friends.


Yutong Liang | Class of 2025 | Event Coordinator |

Hi everyone! I am Linda, the event coordinator for the CAB this year. I am a sophomore, and my intended major is the political economy-econometric track. Outside of class, dancing is my favorite hobby, and I am also a member of the DKU Street Dance Club. I love designing and participating in activities and I think CAB is an excellent place to improve my capability of organization and leadership. As the event coordinator, I hope I can contribute to building up a dynamic and engaging campus with interesting activities and help to enrich the campus life at DKU.

Yifei Yang | Class of 2025 | Event Coordinator |

Hi there! I’m Cathy, Yifei Yang, from class of 2025. My intended major is Computation and Design with the track in social policy. I will be the event coordinator for the CAB this year. I feel like CAB can unite the DKU community by holding and promoting engaging activities. Some could echo the traditional festivals, some could offer chances for students at DKU to meet new friends, and others may be held to relieve stress among students. I hope I can put these initial thoughts into practice, both independently and in working as a team. I strongly believe that the experience provided by being a member of the CAB will be a great help in improving my soft skills.

Othmane Echchabi| Class of 2024 | Intercultural Initiatives Director |

My name is Othmane Echchabi, I’m from Morocco and I’m majoring in Data Science. I love traveling, eating, and football (yes, it’s football not soccer). As the Intercultural Initiatives Director at CAB, I’m hoping to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together and make our students’ time on campus more memorable and unique.

CAB Advisor

Xitong (Rebecca) Chen, Campus Programs Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs

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