Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student lead (non-club) organization overseen by the Office of Student Affairs for planning campus events. CAB’s aim will be to put on large- and small-scale programs, which focus on student needs, interests, and engagement on campus.

Campus Activities Board’s student led programs will build an inclusive community that appeals and represents the social, cultural, arts, recreational, and evolving needs of students and the campus community. CAB will strive to create experiences that will enhance every student’s DKU experience.

CAB Leadership

Ajlal Saleem| Class of 2026| Executive Director |

Hey Everybody! My name is Muhammad Ajlal and I am from Hyderabad Pakistan. I am from the Class of 2026 and plan to major in Computational Design with a track in Digital Media. I am the Executive Director for Campus Activities Board (CAB) for the school year 2023-24. This year I’m looking forward to putting my previous experience as an Event Management Assistant to good use by organising some amazing events on campus. After all, apart from academics, college life should be a holistic experience in which you learn, grow, and enjoy outside class. You can usually find me in the gym, cycling, or at cultural dance or model shows.

Jade Ortwein | Class of 2026| General Secretary |

Hi, my name is Jade Ortwein (Class of 2026) and I am from the state of Florida in the United States. My intended major is Global Health with a track in Public Policy. I came into CAB hoping that I could be more involved with my community and build my leadership skills. It will be a pleasure to be CAB’s secretary for the 2023-2024 academic year. When I am not involved in CAB, you can find me writing poetry, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

Lexi Zhou | Class of 2026 | Finance Director |

Hiii everybody: ) My name is Lexi Zhou and I am from the Class of 2026. I come from Wuxi, a beautiful city right next to Kunshan. So welcome to visit my hometown whenever you have one afternoon or one day’s off, that will be a nice trip! My intended major is Mathematics. In the 24Spring semester, I will be the finance director for CAB and I am looking forward to working with my amazing teammates to ensure the success of CAB’s future events and activities.

Zhanyue Wang | Class of 2025 | Finance Director |

Hello everyone. My name is Zhanyue Wang and I am from China. I am from the class of 2025 and my major in Political Economy with a track in Economy. I am the Financial Director for Campus Activities Board for the school year 2023-24. Since my major is economics, I will focus more on using the knowledge I have learned to apply for my position this semester. Of course, studies are also an indispensable part of life and work. I hope everyone enjoys work, life and study.

Annie Zhao | Class of 2026| General Secretary |

Hi I’m Annie Zhao from the class of 2026!  My intended major is Global Health and Public Policy. I’m excited to be Co-Marketing Director and hope to use our social media platforms to better promote CAB events and cultivate engagement on the DKU campus!

Yitong Wang | Class of 2026 | Marketing Director |

Hi, I’m Yitong Wang from the class of 2026.  My intended major is Molecular Biology. I am INFP and love singing and painting. I’m happy to join the CAB big family and to use my creativity and imagination to make fantastic designs!

Zihan Chen | Class of 2026 | Public Relations Director |

I’m currently the Public Relation Director of CAB. As a rising sophomore student majoring in Political Science at DKU, I have multiple leadership experiences of serving the community with essential roles in DKU Finance Club, Pre-Law Society and Philharmonic Orchestra, during which I gained skills of team management, outreach coordinating and multi-tasking. In the following academic year, I look forward to strengthen our bond through engaging events and closer connection between departments and institutions. DKU Forever!

Jas Santos | Class of 2024 | Content Director |

Hey! I’m Jas Santos, the Content Director at CAB from the class of 2024. I’m from the Philippines, majoring in Molecular Bioscience. I love to draw, read, and travel with friends. I’m passionate about building our vibrant campus culture and helping CAB host more events focused on visual arts and intercultural programming. Together with our team, the newly formed CAB Media Committee, I am excited to capture timeless moments throughout the school year through photography and media platforms.

Huiyu Chen | Class of 2025 | Event Coordinator |

Huiyu Chen (Emily) likes to read books, listen to music, and watch movies in her free time. Before coming to be a part of CAB she served as high school monitor for three years and organized a series of work successfully such as book fairs, gala parties, collective election of outstanding classes and weekly work. She also served as the leader of the high school theme research group for one year. Additionally, she researched for Market planning with magAssist for their plan to develop an overseas market.

Linh Pham | Class of 2025 | Event Coordinator |

I am excited to express my interest in becoming an event coordinator for the Campus Activities Board (CAB). As someone deeply passionate about creating memorable and engaging experiences, I believe that serving in this role would allow me to contribute my creativity and organizational skills to enhance the campus event landscape. With a strong commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus community, I am eager to help CAB continue its mission of providing exciting and diverse events for our fellow students.

CAB Advisor

Xinyu Zhang, Campus Programs Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs

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