First Year Experience



First-Year Experience is designed to support freshmen as they transition to DKU in their first year of college.


Through our well-designed co-curricular activities, we hope to:

Connect first-year students to campus resources and engagement opportunities outside of the classroom

Empower students to become intentional and active in achieving personal and professional goals

Prepare students with the knowledge and skills to live in a diverse community

Help students learn to balance life and study and explore ways to take care of themselves

Ultimately, FYE program helps students to strengthen a set of transferable skills (organizational, communication, interpersonal, etc.) which will benefit them across different areas of life in the future, including academic success, career development, interpersonal interaction, and personal growth.

Major Programs

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to explore DKU’s campus and get settled into nascent college life. We offer a variety of sessions to help students understand DKU’s policies and resources, on-campus engagement opportunities, and to connect students with faculty and staff from many support offices.

DKU 101

The purpose of DKU 101 is to extend DKU’s standard first-year orientation to an in-depth course in order to familiarize freshmen with the concepts, ideas, and principles necessary to be successful at DKU and in a liberal arts and sciences setting generally.

First Year Newsletter

The FYE monthly newsletter is designed to aid your transition to DKU. We share useful and relevant information and tips for first-year students and promote engagement opportunities. Check it out to stay informed!

Welcome Weeks

DKU welcomes students to campus with a ton of fun activities to kick off the new semesters during Welcome Weeks. We invite new students into our community and celebrate the return of students to DKU campus. Students have the opportunity to meet new friends and build excitement for a new semester at DKU. ​

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is a unique opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the daily life that their student enjoys all year at DKU! DKU welcomes families to visit and interact with our organization that have become so important to their student.

First Year Students Events

Office of Campus Engagement (OCE) provides a variety of new students centered events and activities to help students transit, integrate and build meaningful relationships, check Duke Kunshan Engage for further info.