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Inclusive Teaching

Include everyone using inclusive teaching strategies

What does it mean for classrooms to be inclusive? How can Duke Kunshan University enhance learning by more fully engaging with diversity? Increasing Inclusivity in the Classroom Vanderbilt University’s teaching guide to the importance of inclusivity, with examples and additional resources; contains a section on reducing stereotype threat.

What does “inclusive teaching” mean? University of Michigan uses the following definition, which synthesizes a range of research related to teaching and learning as well as ideas collected in faculty focus groups:

Inclusive teaching involves deliberately cultivating a learning environment where all students are treated equitably, have equal access to learning, and feel welcome, valued, and supported in their learning. Such teaching attends to social identities and seeks to change the ways systemic inequities shape dynamics in teaching-learning spaces, affect individuals’ experiences of those spaces, and influence course and curriculum design. [ An overview of inclusive teaching, with links to research from University of Michigan.]

The Chronicle of Higher Education provides some Tips for Inclusive Teaching.