16-year-old DKU student wins top prize at international 3D vision conference

Xinyue Chen: ‘Catching mosquitoes’ in Africa

Fang-Fang Yin: Pioneering new ways to beat cancer

Study improves catalysts to help tackle global warming

Another DKU student makes it to McCall MacBain Scholars final

Kris Sun: Duke Kunshan’s first medicine pathway student



A Duke Kunshan University education helps students develop a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship, as well as strong, transferrable intellectual, analytical and practical skills in areas such as communication and problem-solving, and a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge in real-world settings. Visit undergraduate website.


Our graduate programs attract the best minds who we develop into outstanding contributors to society. Whether through mastering advanced research techniques or training alongside experts in their field, these immersive programs will enhance your leadership potential and open a wide variety of career opportunities. Visit graduate website.

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