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Teaching Stories

DKU Faculty Teaching Story Issue I - 2021 Summer

Table of Contents

  • Rukmini Balu: Blending Online and On-site Activities across Campuses
  • Sara LeGrand: The Power Walk: Engage Students on the First Day of Class
  • Sara LeGrand: Introduce Yourself: Student Videos Build Community
  • Sara LeGrand: Determinant Detectives: Using Video to Present a Team Project 
  • Don Snow: Welcoming Your Students to Class
  • Katherine Robertson: Active Reading: The Reading Itself Matters, But What Comes Before Also Does 
  • Zach Fredman: Making History Real: Role-Playing Games as Pedagogy
  • Ming Li: Frequent Quizzing
  • Li Xu: Service-learning Bonds Students with the Society
  • Donna Molinek: Reading Guides for Math
  • Joseph Davies: Innovating the Learning Process Through the Self and Peer Assessment in Graduate Academic Oral Communication Course
  • Annemieke van den Dool: Curriculum Design for Student Engagement
  • William Winner: More than Educators
  • Xiaochen Zhang: Guided Interaction with Students in and Outside of the Classroom

DKU Faculty Teaching Story Issue II - 2023 Fall