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CTL has worked across Duke and DKU campuses and units to offer several fellowship programs and grant opportunities. Some examples are shown below. We continue to provide various opportunities and open calls for proposals

Learning Innovation Fellowship (LIF)

The Learning Innovation Fellowship (LIF) program is co-facilitated by Duke Learning Innovation and CTL to prepare new faculty for teaching at DKU. Since 2018, we have run six iterations. Within three months, new faculty meet and work with each other at Duke/DKU campus (if condition allows), learn online (via Sakai modules and Zoom live sessions) about DKU’s teaching culture and students, communicate with faculty mentors, and develop syllabi for the course(s) they will be teaching in the following academic year. 

Learn more about this program here

Faculty Learning Community (FLC)

DKU faculty are dedicated to foster student significant learning and refine teaching based on pedagogical literature. To reinforce the culture of faculty learning community, faculty members in this program will work closely on a teaching and learning topic towards a practical deliverable that can be adapted to their DKU teaching. We usually call for proposals in the beginning of the academic year and provide a small amount of funding to support FLC members.  

Learn more about this program here

Teaching Grants

CTL offers the annual Teaching Grant to encourage research in teaching and learning. Applicants are encouraged to explore issues specific to teaching and learning at DKU, identify gaps, and develop evidence-based approaches to address concerns and challenges. In addition to project funding, we provide consultation to help applicants conduct research and produce scholarly work. 

Learn more about the annual teaching grants here

Jump Start Grants

Jump Start Grants provide “seed money” for short-term projects that have the potential to be scaled up in the future for other funding sources, such as Teaching Grants. Full-time DKU instructors are always welcome to discuss with us and apply for the grant to explore any teaching-related ideas.

Learn more about the grant here

Duke Collaborative Grants

Initiated by Duke Learning Innovation, Carry the Innovation Forward focuses on sustaining and expanding the learning innovations that arose at Duke and DKU during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21. Duke partners with DKU faculty who seek to use experiences of pandemic teaching to innovate the future of teaching and learning.

Learn more about this grant here