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Jump Start Grants

To encourage explorations on innovative teaching and evidence-based research on teaching and learning at DKU, CTL provides Jump Starts Grants for short-term projects that have the potential to be scaled up in the future for other sources of funding.

Participants / Eligibility

  • Full-time DKU instructors

Commitment and Deliverables

  • Attend discussions at the beginning and mid-point of the project facilitated by CTL

  • Submit a project report, including data collected and personal reflections on what works, what does not work, and future implications

  • Share results or findings through CTL communication channels, events (workshops, T&L at Lunch sessions, showcase), or other platforms to inspire innovation in teaching practices.

Evaluation of applications

Grant applications will be evaluated based on feasibility within a short time frame; potential pedagogical impact on student learning; extent to which the project will enhance inclusion, equity, or accessibility in the student learning experiences; level of innovation; alignment with university goals; scalability; and other factors.

Jump Start Grant for Canvas - Fall 2023

Jump Start for Canvas Grant is to provide opportunities for faculty to leverage Canvas for teaching and learning. Each project will receive a small monetary award of up to 2,000RMB based on the budget plan.


  • Drive measurable impact on student learning: projects should demonstrate how Canvas enhances student learning outcomes, such as through assessments and personalized feedback.

  • Enhance student engagement: projects should create engaging learning experiences using Canvas, such as interactive modules, multimodal materials, or collaborative learning.

Participants / Eligibility

DKU faculty early adopters of Canvas who will teach in Fall 2023

Apply to apply

A Qualtrics form has been sent to Canvas early adopters via email.