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Teaching Grants

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) invites full-time DKU faculty to submit applications for a funding opportunity aiming at supporting projects that delve into issues unique to teaching and learning at DKU. The projects should be intended to identify gaps, develop evidence-based approaches, and address concerns and challenges related to teaching and learning. Priority will be given to projects that have a well-defined research question, a detailed data collection plan, and the potential to make a positive impact on the DKU community.

Call for Proposal 2023

Projects should align with the following teaching topics within the DKU context:

  • assessment redesign to make it more authentic, better align with the course/major learning outcomes, or for exploring applications in generative AI

  • best practices in the 7-week teaching structure, including but not limited to the course scope, difficulty, variety of assignments, and strategies to scaffold students

  • impacts of the class meeting schedule on student learning and other aspects, specifically, four 75-minute meetings per week or two 2.5-hour meetings per week

  • teaching writing in disciplinary courses, that addresses expectations, guidance, assessment, and alignment related to teaching writing within specific disciplinary contexts

  • team-teaching practices, challenges, effectiveness, and recommendations

  • fostering student research skills in and beyond the course, such as the strategies to guide students in one or a series of courses, through research projects or even by mentoring their signature work projects

  • practices to involve students in course development, such as contributing to course materials, gauging student feedback to redesign the course


More details

Each project may request up to RMB 20K depending on the significance, scale, impact, and complexity of the project. In addition to project funding, we provide consultation to help applicants conduct research and produce scholarly work. 



All full-time DKU faculty members are eligible to apply. Both individual and team proposals will be considered.


Commitments and Deliverables

Recipients of the grant are expected to have:

  • regular check-ins with CTL

  • a mid-point report (due by the reporting date specified in the application). Such a report should include project progress, amendments, challenges or questions.

  • a final report (due by the reporting date specified in the application). Such a report should include a project implementation overview, a summary of results, findings or implications, challenges or limitations, and future plans.

  • project deliverables, such as rubrics, assignments, webpages, survey questionnaires, conference posters/presentations, reflections, student sample works, and publications which may be shared internally and externally with permission.

  • presentation at DKU events, such as Teaching and Learning at Lunch Series, and the Annual Teaching and Learning Showcase.

A conference proposal or a paper manuscript is highly recommended.


[Important] Application Process and Timeline

Aug. 25-Oct. 7: Complete and submit the online application form 

Sep. 1 – Sep. 28: Consultation with CTL

Sep. 15- Oct. 15: Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis. An email notification will be sent to recipients with feedback.


Questions or Need a Consultation?

Contact us at <> or stop by IB 3018.

Previous Grants

Since 2020, Office of Assessment and CTL have granted 18 projects involving 26 faculty members across divisions and programs, to investigate teaching-related inquiries, including but not limited to interdisciplinary teaching, experiential learning, student learning trajectory in a specific field, writing across disciplines, assessment of student engagement and learning outcomes. 


Active Learning Strategy in Mathematical Modelling: Interactive Academic Interview
Shixing Xu
A Diverse Assessment Framework of an Outdoor Ecology Field Trip
Chuanhui Gu
Intercultural Sensitivity Development in a First Semester French Languaculture Course
Emmanuelle Chiocca
How is Our Global Health Undergraduate Program Doing in the Liberal Arts and COVID-19 Pandemic Context?
Meifang Chen
Post-COVID-19 University Education: Student Preference
Wanggi Jaung
Relations between Quality of Argumentative Writing and Structured Online Peer Review
Yili Zhang
Assess Experiential Learning in Experimental Macroeconomics
Luyao Zhang
Creating an Authentic Assessment with Real-world Implications – Transferring Relevant, Evidence-backed Generalizations in a Meaningful, Nuanced Way
Laura Davies 
Developing a Transparent Method to Promote and Assess Students’ Active Classroom Engagement
Joseph Davies
Effectiveness of Integrated Performance Assessment in 200-level Chinese Curriculum
Xiaofei Pan, Xin Zhang, Yili Zhang
How are Freshmen Writers Assessed and What Do They Need to Succeed?: A Look at the Alignment between Skills and Expectations in an EAP Course and China in the World
Kristin HillerKevin SpragueMaxi-Ann Campbell, Laura DaviesAustin WoernerEric EberlySaghar Naghib
Investigating the Writing Proficiency of L2 Chinese Learners at DKU
Xiaofei Pan
Pathways through MATH
Konstantinos Efstathiou
PHIL 109 Teaching Philosophy Through Computer Science
Daniel Lim
Quantitative Measure of Team Work Efficiency:  A Tentative Approach Using Mind-mapping
Kai Huang
Team-Based Learning for Humanities Courses in the DKU Environment
Ben Van Overmeire
Using Language Recognition Technology as A Method to Assess Chinese Language Learners’ Pronunciation Skills
Li Xu, Ming Li