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Citizens and State: Decoding Public Support and Opposition in China and Beyond
Ghosts, Shamans, and Gender Politics in China, 1942-1953
Inside the Circle: Queer Culture and Activism in Northwest China
Beyond Cultural “Hybrids”: Localizing Children’s Picture Books in China

Featured Faculty

David Landry

Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Duke Kunshan University

David Landry is an Assistant Professor of Political Economy at Duke Kunshan University. In addition to his teaching role, he has been co-leading the China and the Global South Cluster at the CSCC and is the principal investigator of a Faculty Research & Creative Activity Project titled “Mapping Chinese Mines around the World,” which receives funding from the CSCC. His project involves assembling comprehensive information on Chinese-owned mining operations globally, highlighting their locations, operational histories, and associated corporate social responsibility initiatives. This research is poised to shed light on the global footprint of Chinese mining enterprises and their socio-economic and environmental impacts. We are delighted to feature Professor Landry in our faculty interview series. In this interview, we explore the progress and insights of his research, its broader implications for understanding Chinese mining activities worldwide, and the future directions of his work. Read More

Featured Student

Zihan Chen

Class of 2026

As the student coordinator for the Governing China Cluster of CSCC, Zihan Chen, UG Class of 2026, took on a pivotal role in facilitating academic discourse and research on Chinese governance and policies. His involvement in research projects, such as “Regulating Global China: Mapping Chinese National Regulations on Corporate Overseas Behaviors,” showcases his dedication to unraveling complex socio-political dynamics. Driven by a passion for fostering dialogue and understanding, he also spearheaded the CSCC Discussion Group—a student-led forum providing a platform for robust discourse on contemporary Chinese society. Through this initiative, he has nurtured an environment where students can exchange perspectives, challenge assumptions, and deepen their understanding of pressing societal issues. Today, we are lucky to know more about his aspirations, academic journey, and further plans within and beyond his journey at CSCC.  Read More

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