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Duke Kunshan Seminar Series on Environment and History | Italian Colonial Meteorology and Aridity in North and East Africa: For an environmental history of “the Climate of Fascism”(1919-1940)
Susan D Blum: Ungrading and Related Practices
Duke Kunshan University Colloquium | The Yellow River: A Natural and Unnatural History
Duke Scholars Lecture Series | Worldviews and the Planetary Politics: Oceans, Gardens, and Jungles
Ascension 登楼叹: Documentary Screening with Filmmaker

Featured Faculty

Annemieke van den Dool

Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke Kunshan University

Chickens, viruses, and politics… Blizzard as the combination may be, it is exactly what we have right now. For centuries, live poultry has been a regular in the local markets of China. However, given the potential threat to public health, health experts have proposed to better regulate or to stop the selling of live poultry, which in reality is easier said than done.

Why is this difficult? What does this imply in terms of policymaking and implementation?
As we congratulate Dr. Annemieke van den Dool on the publication of her paperThe multiple streams frameworks in a nondemocracy: The infeasibility of a national ban on live poultry sales in China in the Policy Studies Journal, we could not help but ponder these questions…

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Annemieke van den Dool

Featured Student

Xiao(Anne) Liu

Class of 2023

Xiao(Anne) Liu is a senior student majoring in Media and Arts in the Art History track. Starting from the Summer of 2020, Ben Van Overmeire, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at DKU, proposed a research project titled Zen and the Art of Detection. With funding obtained firstly from the UG Office and later from the CSCC, and under the guidance of Professor Van Overmeire, Anne Liu and Yuan Li, two freshmen students back then, analyzed a host of Chinese-language novels, looking for traces of Zen and detective tropes. Read More

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