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Who Travels Thousands of Miles? Gender Dimensions of War Dead Accounting and Memory Making in Post-War Vietnam
Ritual, Anti-Ritual, and the Efficacy of Reform
A Life in the Field: The Art of Qualitative Research
Place-based Inequality and Conflicting Educational Goals: Rural Educational Migration in China
Everyday Platform Urbanism in China

Featured Faculty

Cici Cheng

Visiting Assistant Professor of Media and Arts, Duke Kunshan University

Cici Cheng is a Chinese-born U.S. artist and photographer who grew up in Durham, North Carolina. She received an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University and currently teaches Media and Arts at Duke Kunshan University. Additionally, she serves as a member of the CSCC Advisory Board and co-leads the China Stories & Images Cluster. Leaving her birthplace at the age of six to move to Durham with her family, Cici’s work focuses on personal and observational storytelling methods. Her narratives often revolve around intergenerational family relationships, the connection between place and identity, and the process of cultural assimilation. She believes home is “where we can imprint ourselves, our identities, our culture, our memories” and operationalizes her understanding through her work. Today, we have the opportunity to talk to Prof. Cheng to learn more about her personal trajectory and how she leverages media to express her feelings. Read More

Featured Student

Tianlei (Ruby) Qiu

Class of 2024

In early 2022, China implemented its Third-Child policy in an effort to boost the country’s declining fertility rate. However, after two years of implementation, the policy has shown limited effectiveness. Against this backdrop, Ruby Qiu, a senior student majoring in Institution and Governance with a focus on Public Policy, has chosen to delve into this issue for her signature work. Previously collaborating with Prof. Jiahua Yue on the CSCC student research projectChinese Public Opinion Toward the Three-Child Policy and Women’s Rights“, Ruby’s research interests lie in the impact of policies on women and children in China, as well as policy theory development in the Chinese context. Her signature work seeks to explore how various aspects of the three-child policy influence public acceptance.  Read More

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