Governing China Cluster

The Governing China Cluster is interdisciplinary and focuses on the study of China’s government, executive politics, public policy, law, public administration, and the organization of the state, including its embedded relationships with the ruling Communist Party. It is also interested more broadly in China’s decision-making and policy implementation processes across various policy fields, (e.g. environment, social welfare issues, digital governance, health, economy, security, and justice), as well as the multiple actors and stakeholders they involve on various scales, and the formal and informal structures and institutions that underpin them. The cluster aims to bring together DKU faculty members, students and research staff from a range of social science disciplines and also to develop stronger ties both with China scholars in other countries and with the Chinese academic community in China.

Cluster Lead

Coraline Goron

Coraline Goron is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke Kunshan University. Dr. Coraline Goron obtained a double Ph.D. degree in Political Science from the University of Warwick and the Université Libre de Bruxelles under the aegis of the Erasmus Mundus GEM program. Before joining DKU, Coraline was a postdoctoral research fellow funded by the Wiener-Anspach Foundation at the University of Oxford China Centre.

Cluster Co-Leads

Annemieke Van Den Dool

Annemieke Van Den Dool is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke Kunshan University.Her research interests include public policy, environmental policy and crisis politics. Her current research focuses on why and how public health crises such as food safety scandals, epidemics and environmental incidents lead to legal change in China, and what the nature of such change is. Before joining Duke Kunshan, she was a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School and a lecturer at Mid Sweden University, where she taught courses on public administration, policy processes, and crisis politics.

Fangsheng Zhu

Fangsheng Zhu is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Duke Kunshan University. Fangsheng Zhu is a sociologist and studies education, particularly the interactions between families, education providers and governments. His research topics include parenting, school admissions and education policies. His teaching interests at Duke Kunshan include public policy, methods and education.

Cluster Member

Xiaohan Cui

Xiaohan Cui is a Research Specialist in Environmental Policy at Environmental Research Center, Duke Kunshan University. Her research interests include the state-civil society relationship in authoritarian context, the politics of state-led ecological transformation with particular focus on NGOs’ participation in local environmental governance, and the transnational diffusion of environmental norms and practices to and from China.

Student Members

  • Siming Wang
  • Muyang Li
  • Shangyi Yang
  • Michelle Xu
  • Fangrui Chen
  • Yang Zhao
  • Jialin Li
  • Weijia Zhang
  • Tianlei Qiu
  • Chenyu Liu
  • Xinyi Chen

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Coraline Goron. Online Environmental Activism in China. 
  • Coraline Goron. China Environmental Policy Database. 
  • Coraline Goron. The Politics of Just Transition in China. 
  • Annemieke Van den Dool. Policymaking in autocracies. 
  • Annemieke Van den Dool. Measuring policy change in China. 
  • Annemieke Van den Dool. China’s National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance. 
  • Fangsheng Zhu. Education, Inequality, and Intensive Parenting in China. 
  • Fangsheng Zhu. Venture Capital in Education.