Faculty Research & Creative Activity Grant

CSCC Faculty Research & Creative Activity Grant (Max. 5,000 USD)

Submission Deadline: November 3, 2023
Award Notification Date: within six weeks

Program Description:

This program provides funding support for any full-time DKU faculty to engage in projects on contemporary China that will significantly advance their professional development and field of research, scholarly or creative work. The CSCC Faculty Grant Review Committee reviews proposals and makes funding recommendations to the DKU Co-Director. Approximately 8 awards are granted annually. The project duration should not exceed two years.

General Guidelines:

Applicants should not assume reviewers are familiar with the details of their scholarly work and must offer sufficient background information to assist the reviewers. Avoid using technical jargon.

Additionally, CSCC Faculty Research & Creative Activities Grant applicants must indicate if the activity can be accomplished within two years. If not, they must demonstrate that other support is available to sustain the continuation of the work over the necessary timeframe.

Preference will be given to projects with a tangible plan to apply for larger external research funds.


  • Applicants must be employed full-time by DKU for the current academic year and have a contract (or formal agreement of full employment with the university) for the two academic years following the grant period.
  • Priority will be given to high-quality applications from faculty who have not received the award in the previous two-year period.
  • Faculty may not receive this grant in consecutive years.
  • Faculty may not receive more than 7,000 USD in research grant support in total within one academic year, combining CSCC Faculty Research & Creative Activity Grant, Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Grant, and Faculty Research Product Workshop Grant.
  • Priority will be given to projects where applicants do not have existing funding support from other sources. If applicants have or are actively applying for other support, they must mention this in their proposal.

Application Materials: Proposals must include the following components:

  • Proposal Narrative (Not to exceed three pages, single-spaced)
  • Project timeline, budget, and, where appropriate, bibliography (Not to exceed two pages, single-spaced).
  • Current Curriculum Vitae (Not to exceed three pages).
  • Submit all required components as one PDF file.

Evaluation Criteria:

Each proposal will be evaluated by the CSCC Faculty Grant Review Committee based on the following categories:

  • Fitness and Impact
    • Is the proposal a good fit with the CSCC’s mission?
    • Does the proposal have potential for impacts? If so, how much?
  • Originality
    • Is the proposed study innovative (incrementally) in concept, theoretical framework, research questions, methods, or implications?
  • Design
    • Is the study methodologically sound?
  • Capacity and Track Records
    • Does the PI possess the necessary range of expertise and experience to successfully carry out the proposed study?
  • Value for Money
    • Does the study represent value for money?
    • Are the costs realistic and reasonable? If not, what changes will you suggest?
  • Potential for Larger Grants
    • If funded and successfully completed, does the study have high likelihood of receiving larger external grant support?

Institutional Review Board Approval:

  • If working with Human Subjects, grant recipients must obtain an approval to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the acceptance of the grant to be completed.


  • All publications, conference posters or presentations, or other means of dissemination resulting from work supported by a CSCC research grant should acknowledge funding from the Center for the Study of Contemporary China, Duke Kunshan University.

Mid-Project Report and Final Project Report Requirements:

Each grant recipient is required to submit a mid-project report and a final project report. Both reports should be no more than 2 pages long (single-spaced) and detail the progress and outcomes of the project within the specified time frame. The mid-project report should be submitted by the designated deadline, showing the work’s status at that point. The final project report must be submitted by the stated deadline and should provide a comprehensive overview of the project’s results and achievements.

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: November 3, 2023

Award Notification Date: within six weeks

Mid-Project Report Deadline: A year from the award notification date

Final Project Report Deadline: Two years from the award notification date

Fund Closing Date: Two years from the award notification date

All grant proposals and inquiries should be sent to Chi Zhang, the program coordinator for the Center for the Studies of Contemporary China.

List of CSCC Research Grant for Faculty Research & Creative Activity Projects

  • Coraline Goron & Xiaohan Cui | China’s role in Convention on Biological Diversity COP15
  • Fangsheng Zhu | The Rise and Fall of China’s EdTech Industry
  • Mengqi Wang | Unfinished Homes: Stalled Lives amid China’s Real Estate Crisis
  • Minjoo Joo | Forgiveness and Innovative behaviors
  • Wen Zhou | Folk Conceptions of Humanity in China
  • Yachao Sun, Kristin Hiller, Tyler Carter, Wendy Li & Tong Zhang | Development of Writing Programs in Sino-Foreign Joint-Venture Universities in China
  • Yanran Yang | Opportunities and Challenges of Using Nuclear Power for District Heating in China
  • Zhenjie Weng | Exploring Influencing Factors on Language Teacher Agency: Comparing Language Teacher Educators in China and
  • Yuan Wang | Winning Hearts and Minds: Who Gains from the Chinese Belt and Road Project in Kenya?
  • Sajida Tuxun | Consuming Food, Consuming Ethics: A Research Proposal on Healthy Diet
  • Kaley Clements | Mekong Drift
  • Ben Van Overmeire | Astroreligion: The Religious Imagination of Space Travel in Space Opera and Astronaut Memoir written in English and Chinese, 1961-present
  • David Landry | Mapping Chinese Mines around the World
  • Claudia Nisa | Chinese consumer preferences for plant-based substitutes of animal products
  • Xiaochen Zhang | Population Aging, Regional Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from China
  • Zhaojin Zeng | The Formation and Development of China’s Industrial Infrastructure: A Study of Industrial Gazetteers in the Republican Era
  • Meifang Chen | Multisectoral Needs Assessment for Community-based Diabetes Management in China
  • Yu Wang | Overwork and the Division of Labor in Marriage in Urban China
  • Gergely Horvath | Patterns of co-authorship among economists in the Chinese academia
  • Cici Cheng | Art and Research: Photographing Communities Across the World
  • Annemieke van den Dool | Authoritarian policymaking: The role of societal events in lawmaking in China
  • Yachao Sun | A Bibliometric Approach to Translingual Practices in Applied Linguistics