2021 Student Research Project | Crisis Communication by the Shanghai Government during COVID-19

Supervisor: Annemieke van den Dool, Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy

Project Description

“Crisis Communication by the Shanghai Government under COVID-19” is part of the C19CC (COVID-19 Crisis Communication) Project. This project focuses on the crisis communication carried out by the Shanghai government, through systematic collection and analysis of the documents published on the official website and Weibo account of the Shanghai government. The project aims at understanding what instruction the Shanghai government provided during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it targeted different audience groups.

Student Researchers

Rujia Yang is a junior student at Duke Kunshan University majoring in Environmental Science/Public Policy. She is interested in environment management under different scenarios, especially the management of crises. In the C19CC project, she is responsible for collecting and analyzing the documents published by the Shanghai government.

Research Poster