2021 Student Research Project | Intersections: A Journal of Language, Culture and Ideas

Supervisor: Austin Woerner, Lecturer in English Language

Project Description

Given how rapidly China’s society is changing and internationalizing, we must look to its young people to be the authoritative voice on the latest currents in their own culture, and it is becoming ever more necessary for phenomena related to Chinese culture to be expressed with nuance in English. At the same time, however, for young people learning Mandarin as a second language to meaningfully engage with Chinese society, they must learn to use Mandarin as a medium for real intellectual exchange rather than simply as a tool for doing language exercises or transacting daily life. Intersections, DKU’s new bilingual student publication, strives to meet both these needs by featuring writing in English about Chinese culture by Chinese students, writing in Chinese by international students, and interviews with international students about their cultures of origin, translated into Chinese by DKU students.

Intersections articles and interviews are currently being published as part of the LCC’s WeChat public account, and they will also appear on a forthcoming Intersections website. We hope that Intersections can both enrich intellectual exchange at DKU and become an archive of meaningful student writing in Chinese and about Chinese culture that can serve as a resource in future coursework and research.

The Intersections Team

Founding editors: Aiya Kuchukova, Siyue He

English editors: Giulia de Cristofaro, Erica Ham, Faith Ho, Susan Lin

Chinese and translation editors: Jiyuan Sun, Sichang He, Shiwei Wang, Ruohan Wang, Xinyue Wang, Jiaqi Zhang, Zixuan Wu

Design and layout editors: Lexue Song, Haiyi Liu, Shuzhe Wang

Research Poster