2021 Summer Student Research Project | Feasibility Analysis of Blockchain Technology Application to Sustainable Consumption in China

Supervisor: Wanggi Jaung, Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy

Project Description

Promoting sustainable fashion in public is important for sustainable development. To analyze the market feasibility of promoting sustainable fashion by applying blockchain technology, we examine public preferences for this blockchain application by conducting a choice experiment with consumers in Suzhou, China. The results show that diverse public preferences existed for this blockchain technology application. Consumers preferred blockchain-based information on the cloth quality and products’ impacts on animal rights and carbon emission reduction. However, consumers also supported a permissionless blockchain platform, posing a challenge for fashion industries who are not willing to open their business information entirely to the public. These study findings contribute to designing a blockchain application to sustainable fashion industries.

Student Researcher

Chunxin Tang is a senior majoring in Environmental Science and Chemistry with a great interest in data science, trying to build interdisciplinary environmental studies on data science techniques. She is the principal investigator in this research project, and leads the research in terms of research design, data collection, and data analysis, etc.

Research Poster