NSFC announced the following programs calling for proposals:

1.       NSFC announced Major Research Programs for Battery Systems Beyond Conventional (超越传统的电池体系重大研究计划重大研究计划),link to call

This major research program is centered on the following three core scientific questions: 

1)       Multi-species transport laws of electrons, ions, molecules, etc. under multi-field coupling.

Laws of motion and transport theory of species in the battery system, multi-species transport and dynamic reaction mechanisms in multi-physical field (electric, magnetic, force, thermal, optical, etc.) coupling.

2)       Cross-scale, multi-structure energy-matter transfer and transformation laws.

Multi-scale environmental evolution behavior of material and energy transport in the battery system, synergistic mechanism and constitutive relationship of electrochemically active sites in the multiphase microenvironment, and structural evolution law of the whole life cycle of the battery.

3)       Interaction and regulation mechanism of charged interfaces.

Mechanisms of the electrode-electrolyte interface in battery systems with high-density energy storage and high-efficiency conversion, regulation and performance enhancement of battery-charged interfaces.

Research Directions:

1)       Cultivation Programs (培育项目)

New concepts and structures for batteries; New Theory of Batteries and Artificial Intelligence Methods; New Characterization Methods and Mechanisms for Batteries; New Battery Materials and Creation Strategies; A new system of disruptive battery energy storage

2)  Major Programs (重点支持项目)

New techniques for characterizing battery system conditions;A new system of intrinsically safe electrochemical long-time energy storage based on abundant elements;New system of power battery with high specific energy, high power and high safety;All-solid-state batteries with high specific energy, long life and high safety;A new battery system for efficient energy-to-mass conversion under extreme conditions;Battery Artificial Intelligence Big Model and Data Sharing Platform

Evolutionary analysis of deep-sea microbial community structure and function based on high-quality datasets  基于高质量数据集的深海微生物群落结构与功能演化

Award :  25 cultivation programs,  800,000 RMB per each for 3 years; 6 major programs, 3 million RMB per each for 4 years.

Eligibility :

1)       Experience in undertaking basic research projects; 

2)       Senior professional and technical positions (titles);

Due date:

Please submit the proposal in NSFC system before April 5th, 2024.

2.       NSFC announced the 2024 NSFC and European Commission Talent programs (中欧人才项目 link to announcement 

This program supports Chinese researchers to join EU project teams that have received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) for a research visit of 3 to 12 months (see Annex for a list of projects that have agreed to accept Chinese researchers; according to the EU legal requirements, the contact information of the European side is not provided in Annex, and applicants can ask the project contact person for the contact information of the European side).

Award: The intensity of the Chinese funding will not exceed 30,000 RMB/program (direct costs, no indirect costs for this project), which is limited to the international travel expenses (air ticket in economy class) of the Chinese researchers visiting Europe. The living expenses and research funds of the Chinese researchers during their stay in Europe will be paid by the EU project team.

Eligibility: 1)     Applicant shall have a doctoral degree; 2)     The applicant should contact the EU project team that agrees to accept the Chinese researcher and reach an agreement on the length of the visit, the content of the research, the cost of living during the period of going to Europe and the research funding, etc., and obtain a letter of acceptance signed by the project leader of the other party.

Due date:

Please submit the proposal in the NSFC system before May 7th, 2024.

3.       Division of Engineering and Materials Science of NSFC Notice for Application for Special Projects (Science and Technology Activity Projects) 科技活动项目申请的通告 link to announcement 

It includes the following two types:

(1) Research on the development strategy of disciplines in engineering and materials science-related fields (hereinafter referred to as “Strategy and Management projects”);

(2) Influential international (regional) academic conferences and short-term human resources training activities for basic research in China (hereinafter referred to as “Academic Exchange Projects”).


1)       Applicant shall have a doctoral degree or senior titles.

2)       Strategy and Management projects shall contact and discuss with the division of engineering and materials before application.

3)       Academic exchange projects shall provide proof of the authorization of the international academic organization to hold the conference and the official approval of the international conference from the local government. 

Due date:

1)       Please submit the proposal in the NSFC system before March 25th, 2024.

For questions about the application, please contact the relevant contacts from the Division of Engineering and Materials Science.

If you are interested in applying for the programs above, please contact research-support@dukekunshan.edu.cn.