1. Jiangsu Education Department(江苏省教育厅) announced the call for funding of Philosophy and Social Science in 2024(2024 年度高校哲学社会科学研究项目)(enclosed, in Chinese).

Its priority areas are listed as follows:

Key projects should focus on implementing the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, especially General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions for the work of Jiangsu Province.

The general project mainly focuses on local economic and social development needs, university discipline construction and talent cultivation.

The special projects on ideology and politics(思政专项) are aimed at improving the quality of ideological and political education and enhancing the ideological, theoretical, affinity and relevance of the ideological and political theory courses, and are oriented to explain the social phenomena and hot issues of concern to teachers and students, and to clear up their doubts and confusions, so as to push forward the theoretical and practical innovations of the ideological and political education in colleges and universities through in-depth research.


  1. For Key Program, the PI (born after 1964.1.1) should hold senior professional title, or doctoral degree with medium professional title.
  2. For General Program, the PI (born after 1974.1.1) should hold master’s degree or above, or medium professional title or above.
  3. The PI should have research background in related research areas.
  4. Due to limited applications, the quota of the Key Program submitted from DKU is 8(其中思政重大专项2项), the quota of the General Program submitted from DKU is 30(其中思政专项10项).
  5. The proposal shall be written in Chinese.
  6. General programs need peer review and recommendations, the Proposal PI must organize a group of no less than five experts (with senior titles in their respective disciplines or related research fields) consisting of internal and external experts to carry out the evaluation (two thirds or more of the experts must be from outside the university).
  7. The “课题论证活页”shall not directly or indirectly disclose personal information or relevant background information.

Awarded Budget & Research Period:

1.60,000 RMB for Key Program, 3 years

  1. Self-raised no less than 10,000 RMB for General Program, 2 years

Proposal Language: Chinese

Internal Deadline: 4pm 1st April 2024,  for Key programs please register and login in 江苏省高校基础科研项目管理系统and submit proposal,  for general programs please send the electronic proposal to RSO.

Guidelines, requirements, application forms can be found from Attachments.

If you plan to apply for any of aforementioned programs, please contact research-support@dukekunshan.edu.cn ASAP to check the detailed eligibility and the templates of proposals. Thanks.