Ministry of Education(教育部) announced the call for proposals for General Program of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2024(2024年度教育部人文社会科学研究一般项目). Please check the enclosed documents about the announcement and FAQ (both in Chinese).

There is no specific research topics guiding this call for proposals (except for the special task project). Applicants should, according to their own research foundation and academic expertise, value orientation and research orientation, and carefully condense and formulate their own research topics.

The scope of disciplines for this program includes:

  1. Marxism, 2) philosophy, 3) logistics, 4) religion studies, 5) linguistics, 6) Chinese literature, 7) international literature, 8) history of arts, 9) history studies, 10) archeology, 11) economics, 12) management studies, 13) politics studies, 14) law, 15) sociology, 16) ethnic and culture studies, 17) journalism and communication, 18) library, informatics, 19) pedagogy, 20) psychology, 21) physical studies and sports, 22) statistics studies, 23) Hong Kong and Macau studies, 24) International Studies, 25) interdisciplinary studies.


  1. For Planned Program 规划基金, the PI should hold senior professional title.
  2. For Young Scientist Program 青年基金, the PI (born after 1983.1.1) should hold doctoral degree or medium professional title or above.
  3. The PI should have research background in related research areas.
  4. The PI who has ongoing NSFC projects or who is applying National Social Science Foundation of China is not eligible to apply.

Awarded Budget & Research Period:

Planned Program: RMB 100k for 3 years.

Young Scientist Program: RMB 80k for 3 years.

Proposal Language: Chinese

Application procedures: 

  1. Register your account and log in the system
  2. The application system will be available after March 22nd.
  3. Complete the Application Evaluation Form(申请评审书) and submit in the system
  4. Please be aware that the applicant’s name, school, and other relevant information should not appear in Form B of the Application Evaluation Form.

Internal Deadline: 4pm, April 19th, 2024, PIs submit the proposals online to ORSTT for review, approval and final submission.

If you plan to apply for any of aforementioned programs, please first contact to check the detailed eligibility. Thanks.