Level 4

Research data that would likely cause serious harm to individuals or Duke Kunshan University if disclosed.

It includes research information classified as Level 4 by an IRB; and includes any individually identifiable information which if disclosed would likely cause risk of serious social, psychological, reputational, financial, legal or other harm to an individual or group.


Individually identifiable financial or medical information; information commonly used to establish identity that is protected by Chinese laws and regulations, and not classified in Level 5; individually identifiable genetic information that is not in Level 5; national security information; or passwords and PINs that can be used to access confidential information.

Storage Options:

The Duke Kunshan University Protected Network (DKUPN) must be used to store Level 4 data and the Duke Kunshan IT Director must approve all use of the DKUPN. Level 4 research data should not be transferred to your local system unless properly de-identified and this process has been approved by the Data Manager or the IT Director.


Researchers, or the responsible investigators, have the obligation to ensure that, for all aspects of their research programs, sufficient records are kept to document the experimental methods and accuracy of data collection as well as the methods and accuracy of data interpretation.

Research data should be archived for a minimum of five years after final reporting or publication of a project (or longer if required by an external sponsor, law, rule, or regulation).  View the Duke Kunshan Policy on Research Records: Sharing, Retention and Ownership (log in needed).

*Due to the sensitive nature of any Level 4 research data, special requirements have been set up to ensure its security through all steps of the research lifecycle. Please refer to this document (log in to download) for specific information about access, storage, and disposal.