Suzhou Water Authority (苏州市水务局)is calling for proposals for Water Resources and Water Services Technology Project:

关于组织申报2024年度苏州市水利水务科技项目的通知-通知公告-苏州市水务局 (


Budget and Project Period:

  1. No more than RMB 300,000 for each project. The PI needs to find cost-share of no less than RMB 150k for the project.
  2. The project period: no longer than two years.

Priority Areas:

  1. Causes of Shoreline Erosion and Mitigation Measures in the Taicang Section of the Yangtze River.
  2. Organization of Flood Discharge and Embankment Management in Watersheds, Regions, and Polder Areas.
  3. Study on the Operation of Sewage Treatment Facilities During the Rainy Season.
  4. Research on the Renovation of Water Supply and Drainage Infrastructure Amid Urban and Equipment Renewal.
  5. Source Tracking and Treatment Techniques for Changes in Hardness, Algae, and New Pollutants in Drinking Water Sources.
  6. Research on Dynamic Monitoring Techniques for Shorelines in Suzhou’s Water Areas.


  1. The selected topics need to closely align with the priority areas, addressing prominent and urgent issues, and aiming to produce practical results.
  2. Projects must have solid preliminary research and preparation, demonstrating sufficient necessity and feasibility. The content for solving problems should be specific, with clear quantitative and qualitative assessment criteria. Projects should have an actual workload and schedule arranged for the year 2024.
  3. Applicants that have already undertaken Suzhou water resources and water services technology projects or similar projects from the Provincial Water Resources Department or Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau are not eligible to apply if they have two or more overdue projects. The PI cannot apply to this program if the PI has an on-going project from Suzhou Water Authority.

Application Process:

  1. Prepare the proposal by using the template in the link.
  2. Submit the 2 signed hard copies of the proposal to RSO, and send the WORD file of the proposal to by the internal deadline.

Language: Chinese

Internal Deadline: 12pm, Friday 28th June 2024

See the attachment 1: Application Form for Suzhou Water Resources and Water Services Technology Project

See the attachment 2: Summary Table for Suzhou Water Resources and Water Services Technology Project