Kunshan Government has announced the Funding Opportunity for Key Research and Development Project (Social Development), in Chinese.

You could visit their official website for more information: https://www.ks.gov.cn/kss/kjzc/202406/141a309a508f4622b66d85b0c26c7ea1.shtml. Given the tight timeline for this application, please find the detailed information below:


Total Budget: No more than RMB 50,000 for each project.

Project Period:

  1. Projects in the Field of Disease Prevention and Population Health Technology are no longer than three years
  2. Other projects are no longer than two years.

Priority Areas:

  1. Peak Carbon Emission and Carbon Neutrality. To achieve the goal of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, key technologies in the field of green and low-carbon technologies are prioritized, including efficient carbon capture, storage, conversion, and utilization technologies, low-energy and high-efficiency advanced technologies, new energy technologies, and carbon reduction technologies for traditional industries.
  2. Public Safety and Control. Centered around public safety, food safety, production safety, and emergency management, the focus is on supporting comprehensive utilization and integrated demonstrations of security technologies, combating crime and eliminating evil, establishing mechanisms for prevention, early warning, and emergency response, safety monitoring, comprehensive prevention and control services, research and development of security products, and enhancing the technological capabilities of enterprise security facilities.
  3. Disease Prevention and Population Health. Centered around the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common diseases, occupational diseases, and major diseases, support is provided for medical and health institutions to conduct research and development activities.
  4. Other Social Sector Technological Innovations. Research and development are conducted in various fields such as transportation, culture, education, sports, social management, and public services.


  1. The research content of the project application should focus on solving practical issues in livelihood sectors, demonstrating strong practical value with a clear implementation site. Joint applications from research and development institutions with application units are encouraged. Universities are encouraged to participate as technical support in the proposal, and collaborative projects between academia, industry, and research should provide signed cooperation agreements.
  2. Hospitals are eligible to apply to Program of Disease Prevention and Population Health technology . You are encouraged to participate in the proposals the hospitals lead.

Application Process:

  1. Prepare the proposal by using the templates attached in this email (or you could find required attachments via our website).
  2. Submit the completed and signed three documents to RSO (in WORD) to research-support@dukekunshan.edu.cn by the internal deadline.

Language: Chinese

Internal Deadline: 12:00 pm, Wednesday 26th June 2024

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